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BreannaStar 🗺️ | Pathfinder

Okay, so get this, I get up at 5 am just to go to the Marriot to take my ACTs thinking that it was just a Writing ACT and perhaps Math along with it, but no, it was Math, Reading, Writing, English, and Science. Here's how many questions each had in the same order they were just listed: 60 questions, 75 questions, 1 argumentative essay, 40 questions, and 40 questions! I was in there from 7:15 and I finished around 2:00! My test got kicked out halfway through the math test so I only answered about 24/60 questions because I didn't get enough time because my supervisor had to figure out how to resume my test through admin controls! 😓 Science was impossible at the quarter-end of the test! They only gave us 60 minutes and the science test was practically all math and we couldn't use our calculators!😣 I don't even want to know my math score or my science, but if I didn't do well in English, Reading, or Writing, then I'll be mad at myself because it's my best subject. I'm so tired!!!!😴


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Hi! I'm Breanna (Bre)! I'm 17 and I'm a senior in high school. I love to ride horses and take care of animals! I hope to be an Equine Veterinarian! I play the flute, guitar and piano. I played the flute in my middle school band and self-taught myself to play both guitar and piano. I enjoy digital art and web design, and I like to update my blog in my spare time! I'm a huge MLB fan and a nerd when it comes to anything DC or Marvel. My favorite superhero is The Flash and my favorite movie is San Andreas and Red Dawn.


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