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I am a Costa Rican pharmacist. I studied in the University of Costa Rica and graduated in 2014. I have had working experiences in several pharmacy fields: both public (a children’s hospital, as an intern) and private hospital pharmacy (as a pharmacist), community pharmacy in a chain pharmacy (as a pharmacist) , pharmacy consulting (as a Research Analyst), and pharmacovigilance (as a Safety Data Management Specialist). I also learned Costa Rican Sign Language (called LESCO, by its Spanish acronym) and I am certified by the University of Costa Rica. I currently collaborate with a private company owned by deaf people called Acceso Visual (“Visual Access”), for which I coordinate the program called Salud Inclusiva (“Inclusive Health”). Salud Inclusiva creates content about health topics aimed to be accessible for the Deaf population, including LESCO courses for pharmacists and medicine students and professionals, videos and guidelines for the pharmaceutical care of the deaf. Our materials are focused on both teaching the Deaf population and training pharmacists on how to communicate effectively with the deaf patients.

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Ask Dr. Fiorella Donato Everything about my education, career, inspiration, etc. in the comments below!



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    What is an intern? I keep hearing that a lot in job stuff before and I don't even know what it is

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    Wow first off congrats i look forward to seeing this !

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    @Dr. Fiorella Donato 'Ello! Awesome discussion! Here are some of my questions:

    • How did you know that being a pharmacist was right for you?
    • How is working in a hospital pharmacy different from working in a community pharmacy, if there is much of a difference?
    • What is one thing you want people to know before becoming a pharmacist?
    • What are some courses you will have to take in college that a future pharmacist should know about?
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    @Dr. Fiorella Donato Hello! It's so awesome to hear about what you've done, seem very professed in it. Thank you for inspiring this, @VforVictory.


    1. What is the first thing you did to get started in Pharmacies?
    2. What is your favorite thing about working in this field?
    3. What led you to become a Pharmacist?

    Thank you!

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    How many year dose it take you to gradate pharmacist school?

    @Dr. Fiorella Donato