$2,500 HOSA Scholarship Challenge

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UPDATE - HOSA Headquarters was very pleased with the impressive and thoughtful scholarship entries that were submitted for the scholarship challenge.

The winner of the HOSA Scholarship Challenge is @54donuts for their amazing post The Catalyst To Change


Hello HOSA Members and Alumns!

HOSA is offering a $2,500 scholarship that is exclusively available to members! 

To be eligible for the $2,500 scholarship, you must take part in the HOSA Scholarship Challenge. HOSA partnered with the Tallo Community to host the Scholarship Challenge as part of Healthcare Month in October. 

The HOSA Scholarship challenge is:

Create a post on the Tallo Community about the healthcare pathway in which you are interested (i.e. - nursing, physical therapy, etc)  and share how HOSA played a role in your story. 

[Example] HOSA Scholarship Challenge post themes:

  • Helpful guide on how I financed my nursing education
  • I job shadowed in the ICU and it was wild!
  • How I found my passion to be an orthopedic surgeon
  • Things I learned from having a mentor in the medical field 

The topic of the post is your decision. As long as it is related to Healthcare we want you to share an experience, insight, or lesson learned from your HOSA journey. 


  • Must be tagged HOSA Scholarship Challenge and posted on the Tallo Community to be considered
  • Must be a healthcare related topic and include a connection to you being a HOSA member.
  • Must be your work and not plagiarized
  • Only one submission per person.
  • Minimum of 1,000 characters. 
  • If you choose to provide a video, it must be at least one-minute long.
  • The competition closes October 31.
  • The HOSA Scholarship Challenge recipient will be announced on November 22.



  • NAUstudent12
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    Hello! My name is Alyssa Furbee and this is my application. HOSA has gave me a variety of things, but most importantly, hope with a chance to succeed. While I attend EVIT with the dental assisting program, i’ve found I want to be an orthodontist. All though schooling may be along time and hard work, HOSA is giving me the opportunity to learn and grow through multiple different health care professions with a new environment at such a young age. This scholarship would be a blessing under all the circumstances. HOSA has expanded my medical knowledge tremendously and giving me a chance to become a leader over all. This is my second year being in HOSA and i couldn’t ask for a better program.

    @HOSA #HOSA Scholarship Challenge

  • Bpatel1029
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    Joining HOSA has allowed me to learn more about different specialties in the medical field. I was able to learn more about the different types of workers in a hospital and how they play vital role in helping our community. Not only has this organization helped me decide to pursue medicine, it has helped me develop skills that will help me as a doctor in the future. As the president of HOSA, it has provided opportunities for me to expand my knowledge, skill and leadership development which plays a huge role in the medical field.

    @HOSA #hosascholarshipchallenge

  • Aspen
    Aspen Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Joining HOSA has made a huge difference in my life! I have made new friends, served my community and learned about new careers. As president of the Clearfield High School chapter I have gained leadership experience, and been able to help so many others learn about HOSA. I have been a member for 3 years now, and even through the difficult times of Covid-19 HOSA has been a part of my life. HOSA has opened so many opportunities for me and so many more people. A huge thank you to all who have supported me!

    @HOSA #hosaschollarshipchallange

  • Hyguyble
    Hyguyble Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Hello, my name is Hyrum I want to be a pediatric surgeon or a pediatrician. HOSA has helped me realize that my love for helping people can be put to good use. Joining HOSA has also encouraged me to continue down this path as well as expand my knowledge of what I should do to better set myself up for opportunities in the future. @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

  • CarolineK
    CarolineK Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Being a member in HOSA helped me explore what kind of profession in healthcare I would want to be in. I know now that I don't want to be a nurse or medical assistant. I took the test for the medical assistant competition and I did not know how much was involved with medical assisting. I also didn't realize how much medical assistants communicate. Knowing this, I am now interested in becoming a clinical lab scientist and working in a lab.

    @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

  • Pranav02
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    @HOSA  HOSAHealthcare Month HOSA Scholarship Challenge

    The conscious mind: a phenomenal feat of biological evolution. It's the source of all our subjective thinking, our opinions, our values, and our perception about this world. I've always been fascinated about how a few chemicals come together to form the mosaic of our minds, and the impact it makes on our outlook of life itself. Exploring HOSA's numerous competitive events, I sought one that enabled me to channel my passion on neuroscience and psychology. The researched persuasive writing and speaking for 2021 offered me the privilege of voicing of my opinions regarding how our minds' interaction with technology influences how it affects our daily lives. Ultimately my passion led me to win first in States: Ohio. This is my first year as a co-leader for my school's chapter, and second with the HOSA community. Throughout my journey of participating at HOSA, I've had the opportunity to reflect on the importance of the healthcare industry's role in our lives, and had motivated me to pursue a career in this field where I can direct my passions towards helping my community. I'm very grateful to conintue to play my part in this diverse, engaging, and inspiring community.HOSA showed to me the value in teamwork, articulation of opinions, and ultimately selflessness. HOSA is what motivated me to expand my passion of neuroscience into a meaningful occupation. 

    This is Pranav: a future doctor, mentor, and responsible citizen of society

  • Nuero
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    I'm a new member in HOSA, my name is Bhuvanthi, I'm in 9th grade, and I went to my first guest speaker meeting for HOSA last week. She talked a lot about the social aspect of healthcare and it opened my eyes to different opportunities I never thought was possible. As an Indian who was only told that doctors other than surgeons are useless, I realized how flexible healthcare workers are, there are so many jobs that I can take based on my own interest! I don't need to be a surgeon to be the 'most important,' all I have to do is be committed to help people in the healthcare world. Its more clear to me now how I can combine my interests for biomedical engineering and neuroscience, and HOSA helped me do that. Remember, I'm only in 9th grade yet I'm already going into depth about Healthcare careers! But to be fair, Volunteering is the best hands on experience in HOSA and I'm super excited to sign up for leadership opportunities related to event managing in HOSA. And yes I've typed HOSA about 5 times by now. But its so clear that The progress I can make in HOSA is unlimited, and I've decided the most important thing to do being a member of HOSA is to involve myself even more. Its only been about 2 months, yet I have learned about social aspects of HOSA, entered into a T-Shirt competition, joined an optional zoom call about polio eradication and a laboratory scientist whose team performs molecular epidemiology to track polio in Africa, and am participating in a healthcare month scholarship opportunity!

    To all of you thinking about joining HOSA, you will not regret it.

    (The file attached is the T-Shirt I made in the T-shirt design competition, for anyone who needs more inspiration)

    @HOSA HOSA Scholarship Challenge  HOSAHealthcare Month

  • MorganR420
    MorganR420 Member Posts: 4 Level 2 | Newcomer


    Hosa helped me decide that I wanted to be an EMT. I originally wanted to be a veterinarian. But, I changed my mind when my grandpa passed. I decided I wanted to go into healthcare and I could choose a career later. Then I went and joined Hosa my freshman year. That year I did a debate on bio-medically engineered babies. My team made it all the way to nationals last year. This year I decide I want to try the EMT competition. I have started studying and looking at practice scenarios. I really like the adrenaline rush. You have to apply yourself. I want to practice emergency medicine. I want to be the face that people are relieved to see at a accident scene. I have became CPR certified through Hosa. I could use that and my basic first aid skills. I could really use this scholarship to pay for my schooling. I make good grades and all. But, any little bit helps. I need scholarship money to pay for my school. I want to avoid making my parents pay for anything. I am also applying for governor's school for this summer. I am going to try and get some credits out of the way before I graduate. Hosa has changed my life for the better. I am Vice - President and I have made some great friends. My friends in Hosa understand that we don't get time to kid around in real life. We have done community outreach. We went to play bingo at the nursing homes. I came up with bingo and then we gave prizes to the winners. Last week we helped clean our advisors closet. It was really fun we were cutting up and having a grand ole time. Until my friend got bit by a spider. We cleaned the bite, and applied the proper creams. I want to be an EMT. I want to be a great EMT who saves people. Why do I want to do this? It's a beautiful day to save lives.

  • FutureNurse
    FutureNurse Member Posts: 5 Level 2 | Newcomer

    HOSA is an amazing organization that provides me healthcare abilities and knowledge to helped me decide and discovered what type of careeres I want to pursuit in the medical field because I was influenced by African American maternal health statistics and healthcare to become a registered nurse. In the African American community women in pregnancy have such a high risk of dying from many complications more than any race in the United States. Furthermore, black women are more likely to die three or four times from pregnancy related causes than white women. In addition, I want my hospital in the Africa American community, so they can feel safe in a black owned hospital and be treated by Africa American women and men doctors, not because of racial disparities and their skin color. However, If my career in nursing doesn’t work out, I have my backup plan to become a medical assistant. I will still be in the medical field, just in a different occupation, and I love helping other people with their health and medicine. I’m willing to work even harder at this career as my potential job and working at different healthcare facilities than having my hospital in the African American community. @HOSA #HOSA Scholarship Challenge #HealthMonth #Medical Industry #Nursing #Medicalassitant #Medicalfield #FutureoftheNewGenerations 💕👩‍⚕️🩺🧬

  • 23aknaser
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    Hi, my name is Anna and this is my application for the HOSA scholarship. I just joined HOSA this year as my own health issues have kept me from being able to attend regular high school let alone a club until this year. I've always enjoyed science and math. I've taken advanced math and science courses since sixth grade, and every year I love it more and more. Recently I have finally became set in the decision that I want to become a nurse, either an RN or NP. I'll have to wait and see, but I thought why not take the opportunity and apply for this scholarship as I know for sure it will help me in my goals. So why do I want to be a nurse? That is a long story. I'd say for the majority of my life I've wanted to go into a job that makes a big difference in people's lives in some way. I thought about teaching, social work, firefighting, anything that I felt is heroic, and eventually, I landed on healthcare. I have a brother with a rare genetic condition called a variant of Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 6. It is a degenerative condition typically not affecting people until they are in late adulthood and it is inherited from their parents. However, my brother was born with his condition, it occurred randomly (he did not inherit it), and his specific gene change is slightly different from the common one. When he was diagnosed by Mayo Clinic about 9 years ago, I first became interested in a health career. At that point, I was interested in becoming a geneticist working at the Mayo Clinic, and at any chance I got I did research and asked questions about my brother's disorder. I went to every appointment he had to hear about and just hang out with him because he's my best friend. I even did my fifth grade science fair project on his genetic variation and how it affected his daily life and his different body systems (my project definitely stood out compared to the paper machete volcanos and brownie recipes). Then, later in my life, I became even more interested in the health field when I was diagnosed with a lot of chronic health conditions that placed me in the hospital for over a year in middle school. There is where I became interested in becoming a nurse. Spending a year straight in the hospital was probably the most difficult thing I ever went through, but I had many great days despite being in lots of pain not only physically but mentally. That was mainly because of the people I met there, especially the nurses. Dealing with chronic illness is still a big part of my life and I spend a lot of time outside of school at doctors' appointments, blood labs, x-rays, infusions, etc, and now I also see specialists at Mayo Clinic. I live with lots of questions and anxiety about whether or not my conditions are getting worse and why. It is hard to live with a body fighting against you, especially when you're not even an adult. Nurses have made all the difference in my life. Living around healthcare professionals has given me great insight into their daily tasks and what a huge difference they can make in patients' lives. For me, nurses just simply listening to me or remembering what type of needle, or numbing spray, or distraction I like during my procedures and visits really has changed my life. In fact, I actually enjoy going to medical appointments sometimes just because I get to joke around with my favorite nurses. That is why I now am set on becoming a nurse. Nurses have given me the hope to find my way through my struggles. I know I will face chronic health issues through the rest of my life, and that will make college and my career even harder than it is for most, but I know I can do it. I am determined to pay forward this hope to my own future patients.

    @HOSA #hosascholarshipchallenge

  • JMaddox
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    Hello, my name is Emma Maddox. I am currently a senior and will be attending college next fall to get a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. My hope is to become a physical therapist after attending Physical Therapy school following college. I have been a HOSA member in my high school for three years. When I first started HOSA I had high hopes as to how it could help me thrive in the medical field. Unfortunately, my school isn't very involved and the teacher leading it didn't communicate to me the competitions for HOSA and I never competed. I'd love to become more involved in the group this senior year. I'm very excited about attending Union University next fall and beginning the college journey. I hope this scholarship will help me do that. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  • Seraiah_A21
    Seraiah_A21 Member, Tallo Ambassador Posts: 619 Level 6 | Advocate

    This is great! I'm interested in nursing and this would be a big help. HOSA is really helpful.

  • hambroger
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    This is my application for the HOSA scholarship Challenge.

    Being in HOSA has been tremendously challenging since I wasn't the type of person who would openly talk to strangers; I wasn't even able to talk to a Whole Foods employee to ask where the Peanut Butter was. My HOSA mentor pushed me out of my circle and forced me encouragingly to be comfortable with people. I was fortunate enough to intern at a NICU during the pandemic, as I was interested in Pediatrics and Neonatology. Being as a member of HOSA helped me make connections with RNs who were HOSA members in their high school years. I was able to go along with the schedules of Neonatologists, shadowing each one during rounds. I was able to talk freely about my personal interests to Respiratory Therapists and Nurse Practitioners, learning about their own career path and jotting down notes. Thanks to HOSA, I was able to explore in real life the daily actions and events that occur in a particular medical field.

    I am now able to actually speak up to people, and am more open to explore my interests in the medical field.

    @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

  • tagrac
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    Tips for Surviving the Pre-Med Journey:

    1. Don't let self-doubt drown you. Have faith in yourself and the process.
    2. Study hard but smart. Don't spend hours writing detailed notes that will not help you in the long run. Use active recall whether that is Anki, tons and tons of practice tests and exams, or even speaking out loud and explaining concepts to yourself.
    3. Collaborative studying is a game-changer. Don't try to do it all by yourself. Study with your friends. Learn from each other.
    4. I understand how difficult it is to attend university as someone who has dealt with financial challenges and as someone who has had to balance 2 part-time jobs to pay for tuition, I truly understand the struggle. That is why I highly recommend reaching out to scholarships. They will change your life.
    5. Get involved in extracurriculars that inspire you. As someone who has been a part of HOSA since high school with this year being my 5th year, HOSA is an excellent opportunity. It will open doors for you and lead you to places that you could have never imagined.
    6. #HOSAScholarshipChallenge

  • reeyan5048
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    Hello! My name is Reeyan and I am currently a junior in high school. I have been in HOSA since my freshman year. I am also in our health science pathway, which is closely related to HOSA. I am very passionate about medicine and I want to become a pediatric cardiologist when I am older. It is my dream to earn my bachelors degree in Public Health, then to attend Vanderbilt for my MD degree. Since I am so passionate, I have already received my TNA (temporary nursing assistant) and my PEARS certificate (Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition and Stabilization). Being in HOSA has encouraged me to go above and beyond for my school, myself, and my community. HOSA has also given me the opportunity to meet like-minded students and engage in fun competitions with them. By staying in HOSA throughout high school (now proudly serving as VP), I have gotten the chance to observe my fellow students growth in health sciences. Not only has this encouraged me to push farther and higher, but it has given me comfort knowing we are all working together. I am excited about this possible scholarship opportunity!

    @HOSA #Hosascholarshipchallenge

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