Meet the Tallo Community team & introduce yourself!

Tallo Community Specialist
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Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Tallo Community!

We are excited you decided to join us. The Tallo Community is where you have a place to connect with other Tallo members, share your experiences, and help each other along the way on your journey towards your education and career goals!

At the Tallo Community, we value giving members the opportunity to…

  1. Learn about and find scholarships
  2. Get recruited and learn information about your career preferences
  3. Receive answers to your questions about education and career-related topics
  4. Build connections with other members and support each other along the way
  5. Feel success through the opportunity to earn badges and ranks 

Since you may be new here, we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves! There are two prominent people you will see in the Tallo Community. The Tallo Community Manager and the Tallo Community Specialist. 

Jason Manion is the Director of Community for Tallo. Here is some information about him:

“I live in Long Beach, California, which is between LA and San Diego for those of you who may not have visited the Golden State. I graduated from California State Long Beach with a bachelor’s in history with the intention of becoming a teacher. I ended up taking a different path out of college and ended up working at an education organization called Roadtrip Nation. (They’re very cool and worth checking out!) After that I wanted a change of pace and worked at Branded Entertainment Network, a digital marketing agency focused on working with influencers and product placement. The combination of education, technology, and the impact it can have on someone’s life is what drew me to Tallo. My goal is to help make the Tallo Community a supportive, inclusive, and empowering space. With the help of Team Tallo - and, of course, you! - we can make that happen. A fun fact about me is that I did a bike trip from Canada to Mexico cycling down the coast. It was an incredible and rewarding experience. It was also one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done—as most rewarding things are.”

Nicolette Devlin is the Community Specialist for Tallo. Here is some information about her:

“I currently live in Denver, CO. I graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in elementary education. I have been a teacher for 9 years where I specialized in special education. My background in education is what drew me to Tallo. I want to support all of you in finding your passions and creating a space that helps you get there. A fun fact about me is that I danced with the Orlando Ballet company and the Rock School of Ballet while in high school!”

Now, it’s your turn to introduce yourself. Use the comment feature below to share the following information. 

  1. What is your name? (First name only)
  2. What state do you live in?
  3. How long have you been a member of Tallo?
  4. What is your education level (middle school, high school, college) or job title?
  5. What are your college and career goals?
  6. What is one fun fact about yourself?

We are so excited to help you achieve your educational and career goals!



  • tracy
    tracy Member Posts: 20 Level 4 | Navigator

    Hey Abigail. Welcome. Your gonna love it here. I'm glad your here.

  • tracy
    tracy Member Posts: 20 Level 4 | Navigator

    Hi hello welcome sami. Its great to have you. Welcome. Welcome

  • Tallo Community Manager
    Tallo Community Manager Administrator, Moderator, Tallo Staff Posts: 293 admin

    Hello to our newest members! We're very excited to have you as part of the Tallo Community!

    This is a place for you all to support and uplift each other. Ask questions. Get answers. It doesn't happen without YOU. Thrilled to get to know you all more as you take part in the Community.

  • Anna
    Anna Member Posts: 5 Level 2 | Newcomer

    Hi everyone! I'm Anna. I live in Texas, and I've only been on Tallo for a few months now. I'm currently a sophomore in high school. I hope to major in Neuroscience in college and later become a neurosurgeon! A fun fact about me is I'm a competitive dancer!!

  • VforVictory
    VforVictory Member, Tallo Ambassador, Group Leader Posts: 1,772 Level 10 | Legend

    Hi @Anna! Welcome! Dancing is so much fun! I danced in my high school's show choir. Lately, I've been dancing through Zoom with others. How have you continued dancing during this time?

  • Miles_
    Miles_ Member Posts: 30 Level 3 | Contributor

    Hey Jason, that sounds like an awesome career path! I think being a part of a program like road trip nation would be an amazing experience!!

  • Miles_
    Miles_ Member Posts: 30 Level 3 | Contributor

    Hey Steven! I think it’s awesome you know the entire thriller dance, that’s a pretty awesome hidden talent :)

  • Kee
    Kee Member Posts: 14 Level 3 | Contributor

    Hello! My name is Keelyn Smith. I am located in Yellville, Arkansas, a place that many people have never even heard of, let alone tried to visit.

    I’ve been on Tallo for a few short months, but I’ve already gained opportunities through it. I am currently a junior in high school, but have earned a few hours of college credit already which is super exciting!

    I am the manager for my school’s volleyball, basketball, track, and baseball teams, as well as president of my class, and treasurer of both my school’s FBLA chapter and my district. I’m involved in Honors Society as well as Interact in addition to my managerial duties and leadership positions. I also work two part time jobs in the summer, one in retail and another handling office work and clerical duties. These obligations keep me rather busy, but I like to remind myself that I’m working to achieve my personal fulfillment, and that eventually I will earn my spot at my dream job.

    I aspire to one day work as a criminal profiler, or as a manager for an NBA team. These are very high aspirations, but I’m a firm believer that hard work can get you anywhere you want to be in life. My main goal in life is to help others, and to find inner happiness.

    Lastly, a fun fact about me is that I absolutely love animals, however dogs are definitely my favorites.

  • reamads
    reamads Member, Tallo Ambassador Posts: 1,080 Level 10 | Legend

    Hey @Miles_ ! I love that you love socks! I also collect fun socks and my favorites are my pancake ones!