Community Chat: Is Niche Legit? And 7 More of Your Scholarship Questions Answered

Tallo Wordsmith
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If applying for scholarships feels like a super daunting task right now, that’s probably because you’re in the early stages of the process. Combing through college resources, filling out forms, penning essays, and shooting videos. It sounds like one giant headache, doesn’t it?

At this stage, you probably have all sorts of questions, like where do you look for college scholarships? What kind of scholarships are out there? What is a need-based scholarship and how is it different than a merit-based scholarship? 

Take a deep breath! To help you save a bunch of time and frustration, we’re diving into all your most pressing scholarship questions. (Read more)


Don't worry--Niche is legit! Where else are you applying that you've had good luck with? What scholarship tips do you have for others?