🎒High School Course Selection Based Off Of Desired Career Field🎒

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  • After deciding what career path you want to take, you need to make the most out of your high school experience. You want to enjoy it, but you also want to do everything in your grasp to save money and graduate from a good college. Choosing courses can be difficult.
  • Here is a post that outlines the different classes you should take in high school if you are interested in that field.

⚕️Medical Field⚕️

  • Science Related - Take as many AP courses as you can.
    • Chemistry It looks very good on your application!
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Environmental Science
  • Math Related
    • Algebra II
    • Statistics
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Calculus
  • Social Studies Related
    • Religion
    • World History
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology
  • Electives
    • Medical Terminology
    • Human Body Systems
    • Medical Interventions
    • Sports Medicine
    • First AId/CPR
    • Nutrition
    • Health Science
    • Child Development
    • Microbiology


💲Business Field💲

There are many different jobs and areas of focus in the business world. Here are some tips: Take any Business CTE classes that are offered, and take certifications!!! The following classes will vary based on your interest in business. (@Preet_22 )

  • Science:  
    • Computer Science  
  • Language Arts:
    • Business English (if it's offered at your school)
    • Journalism 
    • Creative Writing  
  • Mathematics:
    • Financial literacy
    • Statistics  
    • Calculus                                        
  • History:                                                  
    • Government                                           
    • Economics                                            
    • Law
  • Electives:
    • Accounting
    • Enturpernurship 
    • Marketing
    • Business Management 
    • Leadership
    • Public Speaking
    • Technology
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  • 23_Yarahtzee
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    This is really cool! You guys should do more!

  • MonseC423
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    Thanks! Is there a specific field you want to see?

    Taking Suggestions✍️

  • 23_Yarahtzee
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    Thought you'd never ask 😂

    Architecture please! @MonseC423

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    @MonseC423 Mine is coming in a few minutes. I'm contemplating whether to do every possible engineering career or just the main ones.

  • [Deleted User]
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    What about the Arts carrer?

  • MattimusC16
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    For me I am going to learn how to weld, and get my certification in it. After I do that and find a good job I am going to go to school for underwater welding. So my high school has career class's people can take and there are 4 class's for welding, so I am going to take all of them along with a bunch of math class's like geometry.

  • Shelly
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    Hey! I'd thought I'd contribute to this with my chosen field... Law/Legal studies:

    You need a bachelor's degree before you can get your law degree/40 courses and recommended degrees are:

    • Political Science
    • U.S. Government and policies
    • Government policy
    • Pre-law (depending on your legal field. Mine doesn't require this)
    • Political studies

    And those are just a few of many recommended studies for legal fields! :D

  • HeyBeYouTiful313
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    Thank you I want to go into the medical field so the first helps so much.

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    nice! i would love to be a lawyer :) this helped

  • AnaemicLadybug
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    What about translating and interpreting? I know several language courses would be necessary, but I don't know if much of anything else is.

  • gabrielle_s
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    Yes definitely!!! I am undecided on if I want to become an English professor with a PhD in English or If I want to become a journalist (still with an English PhD). And I don't know if my school has any classes to help me prepare for it.

  • MonseC423
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    I would suggest taking as many English-related classes as possible and meeting the requirements for your state. 😊

  • SushiPanda_101
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    I'm interested in the Linguistic field as well, but I'm going to take the rabbit out of the hat and say, perhaps Sociology/Psychology (since you are interacting with humans and you need to convey the message they want), Business or Government (if you're translating for that field), Computer science (If you're interested in computational linguistics, interpreting might be useful here).

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    Thankssssss a bunch

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    @MonseC423 This is very helpful! and because I am highly considering the Business Field I went ahead and bookmarked it!

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    This is a really cool idea, y'all should do some more (psychology)

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