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How to be and intern for Civil Engineering

For me, these are the steps that I take:

  • First, I show up and see if there are any projects or things that I have to do on my desk.
  • If not, then I ask the engineers if they need anything for me to help with.
  •  Based on what they say, I do what they ask and if they don’t have anything for me to do. 

Then I have a choice. I can either…

  •  Go out towards the lab and see if there are any tests that I need to do or can help with.


  •  I can ask the manager to see if he has anything that he can think of over all of the projects that I can keep up on. 


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    @PedalPusher124 your internship sounds extremely exciting and full of opportunities. That is truly great. I hope you stay on and join the Tallo Community. Best wishes.

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    Awesome, thank you for sharing!