Places I look for volunteering

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I'll be honest, I don't do much volunteering, but when I first started doing it, I loved it! Here are some places I look for volunteering:

  1. Tallo (obviously)
  2. VolunteerMatch
  3. Idealist
  4. Career Village
  5. Your school/community

Now here are some more specfic ones:

  1. Distributed ProofReaders & Bokoshare: If you love reading books, these are for you. You are resonsible for interpreting, annotating, and captioning books. This will help deaf readers, young children, and even day to day people. You can also be a voice for audio books for blind people, and again, everyday people.
  2. Zooniverse: This is the one I like to use often! You don't need any experience to start, and you do a variety of things such as identify endangered animals, determine weather patterns in certain areas, and even translating old documents! It is all to help researchers with their studies.
  3. Cards For A Cause: This is easy and somehting everyone can do. You create cards to uplift the spirits of ill and hospitalized children. Something as simple as a card can go a long way!
  4. Operation Christmas Child: This one is seasonal, only available around the Christmas season. If you feel like donating some presents to a child who unfortuantely cannot have one, feel free!

Obviously there are more than just these ones, and if you have any honorable mentions feel free to leave them below!


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    @8662865 thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate all this valuable information.

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    Thanks for sharing these sources!

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    Awesome, I do a lot of volunteer because of Beta Club and NJHS, I need 80 hours so this is very helpful!