Does anyone know about scholarships for juniors?

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I have been looking for some good scholarships, but I'm still a junior. I wouldn't mind an essay one, and I'm planning on going into nursing if that helps at all. Thank you!



  • EshanSri
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    Try RaiseMe, they give you scholarships for the little things you do in school like having perfect attendance or getting an A in a class.

  • 8662865
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    We have a huge nursing event going on right now, so if you look at some of the previous nursing posts, you might find one specifically for nursing. I also have a post of where I find scholarships, but some websites I like to use are Going Merry, Bold.Org, Scholarship Points, and Tallo of course!

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    @SophiaKirklewski welcome to Tallo.

    There are so many great sites for scholarships. Of course you have Tallo,, Bold, sorry some of those are repeats. There are also local community scholarships, volunteering scholarships, grants, and more. Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you around the community. Best wishes

  • chloe
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    Hi! Since you will be a rising senior, you are eligible for several prestigious national merit and financial based scholarships. Here are some of the top scholarships I would recommend: Taco Bell Live Mas Scholars, Coca-Cola Scholars, Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, and Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship. Most of these will be for the 2023-2024 school year, as they have recently released this year's scholars. Additionally, if you join HOSA (which is an organization that can help prepare future nurses like yourself), they also offer scholarships to seniors in high school. Tallo is a great resource for scholarships, as well. I hope this helps!