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Hi Community,

Featured Opportunities:

Tallo’s Nurses Week is here! Be to participate in the activities that are currently live, by heading to this category!

Tallo’s Nursing Club has launched! Be sure to join for future informational content and activities!

Ask Me Everything with a Labor & Delivery Nurse from Ascension Health, participate here!

Ask Me Everything with a Postpartum and Obstetrics Nurse, participate here!

Ask Me Everything with the Eastern Region Vice President from HOSA, participate here!

Ask Me Everything with a Emergency Department RN at Sanford Health, participate here!

Tallo’s $1,000 Future of Nursing Scholarship, find the guidelines and requirements, here!

Community Spotlight Member:

@Rouge_Shadow is an active participant in the Tallo Community. They always keep their posts positive and up-beat. They are currently a High School Student and in to exploring nature, writing poems, and singing. Rouge_Shadow keeps discussions active and engaging by asking relatable questions. Rouge_Shadow’s career goal is to become a voice actor. Keep up the great work Rouge_Shadow!

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