Why CAT is the right fit for you! Become a CAT Dealer Technician Today!

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Feeling the pressure to figure out what's next? Looking for a job you love that also pays well?

Meet today's Caterpillar.

Caterpillar, the big yellow tractor company, is more than just tractors. A lot more.

  • Today we're 500+ autonomous vehicles increasing productivity and safety.
  • We’re fuel-efficient technologies and sustainability.
  • We’re Cat® Reman, saving money and reducing waste through rebuilding parts and machines instead of scrapping them.
  • We’re Cat Command, the remote control system allowing operators the ability to control multiple pieces of equipment from a single station.
  • We’re VisionLink®, which monitors a customer’s entire fleet 24/7 to prevent costly repairs
  • We’re Cat Inspect, making it easy to keep track of inspections and take action to keep equipment healthy and on the job all from an app.

And we’re looking for YOU.

So why join a Caterpillar dealership?

  • Steady work
  • Safe environment
  • Good pay and benefits
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Apprenticeship and college degree programs
  • Career opportunities across the business

Caterpillar dealers across North America are hiring (yes, that includes Hawaii).

They’re also training, so don’t let a lack of work experience stop you from applying.

Come and get your career.

Caterpillar | Why Become a Cat Dealer Technician?


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