Bendable, Flexible…Electronics! Learn about the Future of Electronics Manufacturing

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Have you ever thought about how life would be different if electronics weren’t so rigid? 

At NextFlex, that is what we think about all day long.  As America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronic Manufacturing Innovation Institute, we have a whole facility dedicated to designing, developing, and testing this cutting-edge technology.

How could flexible electronics change the world?

  • You could continuously measure and collect vibration data on a piece of machinery to allow for just-in-time parts replacement 
  • You could monitor the vital signs of a newborn baby with a wireless sensor blanket
  • You could print an antenna on the wing of a drone reducing weight and allowing for greater payloads

Click here to visit our San Jose, California Fabrication Facility and see the tools and techniques you will use when you embark on a career in advanced electronics manufacturing.

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Stay Flexible


  • Noora7
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    Wow, the 360 tour was amazing! Everything looked so complex yet organized!

  • dcadi
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    @NextFlex this 360 tour was absolutely made possible by technology. There is endless potential with the technology that is available now to us. As time progresses, we will have endless technology at our fingertips.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • GraceBrusky_Official
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    Wow!! It was super cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • anushka
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    This was very interesting, thanks for this opportunity!

  • TwinTurbo
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    @NextFlex This tour was amazing! I enjoyed it very much thank you for this opportunity!

  • Tbow
    Tbow Member Posts: 10 Level 2 | Newcomer

    This is so intriguing! I never knew about @NextFlex and the important innovations they are developing.

  • Jackalak
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    This tour was so fascinating to explore! It must take so many minds working together to make proper use of all that equipment.

  • vh0607
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    I really enjoyed the 360 tour— it was highly captivating. I think that flexible technology is a very intruiging and innovative idea, thank you for this article!

  • mlearner789
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    This technology is a great advancement for humanity! I look forward to seeing it become more readily available in the coming years.

  • Emcsine
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    I loved seeing how electronics are made! I've always wondered how modern circuits are so tiny. I had never seen nor heard of any of the machines in the tour, but I thought it was especially cool to see how the nScrypt tool uses 3D printing because I've been learning how to use 3D printers in my engineering classes. I hope that one day I can work in a lab like this one!

    Thank you for showing us what's out there!

  • Penny
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    Wow! The tour was so fasicnating! My favorite part was the strecth tester, because i feel like it's not something you'd expect to see in a testing lab. Who knows. Thanks so much Nextflex for making me think more about "flex-tronics."