Tallo Community Badging System And How To Rank UP!

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Welcome to the Tallo Community! Let's talk ranks and badging, shall we?

Your participation in the Tallo Community is recognized by ranks and badging opportunities. The more involved you are and the more you contributions you make, the higher your rank will be—and with it recognition and community clout. You also earn points with everything you do that go towards the leaderboard earning awards. More on that later!

So, how do you level up and earn badges? Let's get into it.

Badging & points

As you explore and participate in the Tallo Community, you will begin to receive badges that reflect actions, reactions, and certain milestones. You’ll be notified whenever you earn a badge, and it will be added to the associated section in your community profile (not to be confused with your actual Tallo profile).

With each badge you earn, you will also get points. Points are scores you obtain from your engagement in the community. The more points you earn, the higher your position in the Top Influencer leaderboard that’s prominently displayed throughout the community. Each month, we showcase the top point earners on the leaderboard, as well as who's making the most impact in the community all-time. Top point earners also get opportunities for rewards—including custom Tallo swag!

Learn more about how to become a Top Influencer and the leaderboard here.


  • Mentioning someone in a discussion (like this: @Name) 
  • Uploading a profile picture
  • Commenting & posting
  • Answering questions
  • Reactions you receive from comments posted including: Agree 🙂 , Insightful💡 , and This Helps ❤️
  • Annual anniversaries
  • There will also be exclusive badges available, like the Top Influencer Badge, which recognizes the top point earner for the month. These badges will usually have a larger amount of points associated with them, so get after them!

New addition! Tallo Ambassadors and Group Leaders can now award badges to members of the Community!

Here are the badges they can award and how you might earn one:

Ranks: The path to become a Paragon 🔮

Ranks and leveling up are your progression path within the community. To achieve a higher rank, you must post, comment, and participate in discussions. As mentioned above, the more you contribute, the higher you will rank in the community. As you achieve higher rankings, other community members will be able to recognize you as someone they can rely on and go to for help and guidance. Your ranking is displayed by your name and avatar whenever you post or comment.


Level 1: Newcomer 👋 - Your rank upon joining the Tallo Community

Level 2: Wanderer 🏞️ - 10 posts or comments (Unlocks ability to upload custom profile photo / avatar)

Level 3: Seeker 👁️‍🗨️ - 50 posts or comments

Level 4: Contributor 💫 - 100 posts or comments

Level 5: Pathfinder 🗺️ - 300 posts or comments

Level 6: Paragon 🔮 - 1000 posts or comments

Level 7: Sage 🦉 - 2000 points

Level 8: Champion 🏆️ - 3000 points

Now that you know how ranks and badging work, get out there and start contributing to the community!