Study Methods To Develop Before College

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Below are some study habits you should develop before you get to college. Feel free to add more below.

Create a work-worthy environment that suits YOU

  • It's important that you create an environment that you can focus on when studying. For me, while studying I like to listen to Lofi hip hop music. It helps me concentrate and shut all other noise out. Similar to aromatherapy.

It's important that you take breaks and RELAX

  • Personally, I can't work the whole time I plan to work. I tend to get distracted, unfocused, and drifty. To stop this from happening, I take breaks to give myself to get "unbored" and to go back into the flow of my work.
  • Try to time your breaks also. If you don't time them, time will fly by like nothing

Organized notes are EVERYTHING

  • For me, I use One Note because I am able to categorize my notes and it looks super organized. Some of you may prefer to write it by hand. It's absolutely necessary that you decide what method you prefer to use before going to college. With all the work and traffic coming in, it would be almost too hard to keep up with the work you have if it's not all in one place. Take a look at the methods below for actually jotting your notes down
  • Five Notetaking methods


  • When in college and even now, its important you have a solution to studying in any situation you have. If your computer dies, you should have your phone if the phone dies, your notebook, if the notebook gets wet, flashcards, and so on. Personally, I keep notecards everywhere. If I don't have anything to do, I take a little time and pull out the cards and get a few brain exercises in before bed.

The ODD one out

  • Now this one depends on you completely. For me, I chew gum and use light a cranberry cinnamon candle. The gum keeps something good in my mouth so that I won't get distracted and eat the whole fridge. The candles improve my focus by providing an "exciting" aroma in the room.

So tell me. how do you study and what keeps you moving forward?


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