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Help us make the Tallo Community better

Do you have an idea for how to make the Tallo Community better? We'd love to hear it. Please share your ideas, suggestions, and feedback here!

If you see a comment or recommendation that you like, make sure to share your positive vibes and give it a "❤️  This Helped". This lets us understand which ideas we should work on first!

If you have any constructive criticism or feedback that leans on the negative side, please share your thoughts in a respectful and professional manner. That would be super great.

Let the feedback begin!



  • JaziahJaziah Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    I think the community is great! But I think that it should also be included in the Tallo app.

  • muthoni2678muthoni2678 Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    @Tallo Community Manager I suggest adding a badge link or category, so we can know which badges we need to complete and how. I also suggest doing the same this with rankings as well.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    @Tallo Community Manager I suggest adding the ability to delete a discussion you started or a comment that you have made on a discussion. I know this may not seem like an important feature but I think others can agree that it would be something useful to have. It's rather embarrassing, especially for me, when I have a discussion posted but no comments after a certain amount of time. I also think adding an option to friend someone and message them would be helpful instead of having entire conversations in a discussion post. It makes it harder to find comments. Thank you.

  • Tallo Community ManagerTallo Community Manager Administrator, Moderator, Tallo Staff admin

    Hi @Jaziah , @Maryjane , @muthoni2678 , and @AsianInvasionAD,

    Thank you for all the feedback! Suggestions are always welcome here. I collect all of the feedback you provide and talk it through with our team. Our goal is to continue to build the Community to best serve you. The way we do that is from hearing from you so we appreciate you sharing your thoughts on how the Community can be better.

  • MellieMelMellieMel Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    @Tallo Community Manager It could just be me, but I find that this community feature on Tallo is a little hard to navigate, or hard to understand. The biggest point of confusion for me is the activity section. Can everyone see all of my activity? Do I only see the activity of people I've interacted with? Because I embarrassingly changed my profile picture several times. That's another thing too! Editing my profile picture is a little funky. I changed the picture to a specific image, but I noticed the thumbnail was a little off. My face was towards the bottom instead of the center. So, I edited the thumbnail, but when I saved it my thumbnail shifted even lower. It wasn't a big deal in the end because I just re-cropped the original image. I just hope that someone else's activity feed wasn't clogged with me changing my profile picture about 4-5 times!

  • KarmaKarma Member 🗺️ | Pathfinder

    Also yes we can see the Activity, but it's not that big of deal, I don't think anyone is gonna be bothered! So don't worry!

  • reamadsreamads USAMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    It is fine! Most of the activity is people earning badges so no worries!!

  • Tiger_Queen12106Tiger_Queen12106 Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    to be able to message someone if you have a question, I think this should be easier to do.

  • Preet_22Preet_22 Haslet, TexasMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    @Tallo Community Manager @Jason_Tallo


    I totally agree with @Maryjane! There should be a time limit to how many questions can be posted by each user so there's no spamming. Also I feel like there should maybe be a filter that picks up on "off topic" discussions that are being created by some people. There's a lot of unnecessary topics/discussions that are being created just to earn the points. Overall, I love this platform and it's very helpful to be able to discuss with others our age or in the same position as us!!

  • reamadsreamads USAMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon
    edited March 2

    I agree with this! I have seen quite a few people just putting random questions and asking similar ones (or the exact ones) at different times or at the same time so they can get points. I also think there should be a filter on people doing the same thing with comments because I've seen people just tag and quote other people with the same type of idea. It is a little annoying to just see I don't know on a question and it is obvious they are doing it just for points because they aren't providing resources or connecting you with someone who could possibly answer your question! I have also seen a few comments advertising things that sound like scams, and with there being teens who may not realize the issues with that, I think that should be filtered out as well. @Tallo Community Manager @Jason_Tallo

  • Preet_22Preet_22 Haslet, TexasMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon
  • Preet_22Preet_22 Haslet, TexasMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon
  • TreeManTreeMan Palm Tree Land🌴Member, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    I apologize for the ping, @Jason_Tallo @Tallo Community Manager

    I second this. It's a little unfair for those who are posting good discussions, commenting, and earning points the legit way. Then you have someone else who has multiple accounts, who is reacting to their own posts.

    I also agree with this suggestion. There are many good discussions on Tallo but there are a lot of times where I'll see 10 questions posted in under a minute by one person like a lightning round of 20 questions. These questions are also very redundant and irrelevant to anything discussed here

    @Jason_Tallo I would like to thank you for the creation of this program. It has been very helpful and beneficial to myself and others in the community.

    Just piggybacking off of your suggestions.

    @Preet_22 @reamads @MellieMel @Maryjane @Tiger_Queen12106 @Jaziah @Dloadinnn @Colin

  • TreeManTreeMan Palm Tree Land🌴Member, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    For the tags, you can create your own. I have a TreeMan Insight tag. The only importance is people using them. The tag button shows the most popular tags, but you can type in any tag you want.

    I do agree with the rooms, that can prove to be very beneficial in the future. When I think of that it reminds me of Clubhouse. I use that for different entrepreneurship chats and Tallo could be similar or even better if rooms were added.

  • cotton_candycotton_candy Minnesota, USAMember 🔮 | Paragon

    Oh! I had no clue that you could create your own tabs! Thanks for letting me know! Also, I do agree that my idea sounds similar to clubhouse, but there is a reason why that app has become so popular in the first place, right? Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • TreeManTreeMan Palm Tree Land🌴Member, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    Yep, you're right. If Tallo were to add rooms for different topics similar to the discussions on top of being one of the number one platforms for scholarships, that would be amazing.

  • reamadsreamads USAMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    I definitely second the conversation here, but a lot of that could be prevented by the moderators. I do think there also needs to be a limit because I really do think there are people making multiple accounts. They have tons of this helps, insights, and agrees on comments that do not make any sense. I think that there also needs to only have comments that are relevant, but I think the moderation can help that! @TreeMan @Spooky_Cookie6

  • TreeManTreeMan Palm Tree Land🌴Member, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    Exactly. Tallo is fairly new in the digital society so I believe they're doing everything they can at the moment. There are just people without integrity taking advantage of the system that has been provided.

  • cotton_candycotton_candy Minnesota, USAMember 🔮 | Paragon

    Yeah, it's kinda upsetting how people will take advantage of this, but like @TreeMan said, Tallo is fairly new, so it is expected that they are going to still be figuring things out. That being said, hopefully they find a way to moderate this in the future. @reamads

  • Preet_22Preet_22 Haslet, TexasMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon


    I agree with everything you said!

    I feel like there needs to be more moderation (might happen soon). Also the members should be more thoughtful and not spam with "off topic" discussions/comments.

  • TreeManTreeMan Palm Tree Land🌴Member, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    Hello @Tallo Community Manager ,

    This doesn't happen all the time but every now and then, on different discussions, the page will go blank when you get to page 2. At this point, nobody can read what's on the page, you're not even able to see your comment after you post and refresh.

    Hope this helps.😊

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