🏫How To Study For HOSA Competitions🏫

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Hosa Testing is here!

Hopefully, you had enough time to study your textbooks, practice your skills, read your novels, or create your presentations. Here are a few tips I'd give on studying for your HOSA Competition!

For Testing Events -

(This includes events such as Medical Terminology, Nutrition, Medical Reading etc)

1) Use Quizlet. I feel like this is probably one of the best resources that this generation can use to study. It's easily accessible and it really does help study. Flashcards are efficient and Quizlet allows you to create them without using paper or writing!

2) I personally enjoy writing, so I like to have an open notebook to write in all of the key facts and pieces of information that I need to retain for the test. It helps to highlight and rewrite the information.

3) Do not try to read the entire textbook. On the Hosa website, you should be able to find the test rubric which outlines how much of the test will be based on each topic. Put the majority of your energy in studying the category with the highest percentage.

Skills -

1) Get with friends. Hopefully, you won't be doing this event alone, but if that is the case, find another Hosa member or even admin that can help you out! It's always good to get someone else's perspective while performing these skills.

2)Practice Practice Practice, don't get tired of it.

3) Look up videos. Youtube is FULL of videos that can demonstrate and even give great tips for your event. There are some videos on specific Hosa skill competitions, but you can find more elaborate and versatile videos by searching based on the skill you have been asked to perform.

Presentations -

1) Find the highest quality sources and information. Remember, everyone has access to the internet, so find information that will make your presentation stand out.

2) Try to make it aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, the information that you are presenting overrides the presentation appearance, but it's always good to have your information organized.

3) Categorize your information. Make sure it's organized in some way. Random facts are overwhelming and they also look sloppy.

YOU GOT THIS! Good Luck!!!!