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  • Amyah56
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    Hello Dr. Portela, After finishing an undergrad degree, what should I look for in a medical school to make sure it best fits me?

  • hay_bee
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    Dr. Portela, what is your favorite/ most memorable part of your career?

  • ebrown4283
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    What made you want to get into dermatology?

  • lindseyd
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    What helped you decide to choose dermatology as your profession?

  • shannon123_
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    Hello Dr. Portela,

    How did you know that skin was something you wanted to work with? Has it been something that has been a fasination, or did you not really intend to work with it? I know i have always love skin and all that comes with it, ut have never thought to become a dermatologist.

  • bskye03
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    Hi Dr Portela. I am currently a high school senior interested in following the path to becoming a PA after undergrad. I was wondering what made you choose dermatology and maybe why you would recommend that specialty over others? Also, why did you choose med school over PA school?

  • Liv_S1
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    Hi Dr. Portela! It's so interesting to hear you earned your bachelor's in zoology but then continued on to dermatology, what was the reason for earning your bachelors in zoology, and did it help you in any way towards what you do now!!?

  • alexisgomez
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    Hi Dr. Portela, I am a current Health Science Student pursing my certifications and had a few questions for you. Thank you so much for your time!

    • What was the biggest challenge you had to face when you went into dermatology
    • Is their anything that you dislike about your profession
    • Has there ever been a memorable day at work that has stayed with you?
    • How many hours a day do you have to work?
    • What is the best advice you can give to incoming dermatologists students
  • lindseyd
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    Hi Dr. Portela. Throughout your career, are there any skin conditions you treated that you learned a lot from or are memorable?

  • Madisen
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    Hello Dr. Portela, what is your favorite skin issue to treat?

  • 0932549
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    Hello Dr. Portela, I am Jose Pradas and I came from Venezuela, and I'm studying 11th grade of high school, in two years old, beginning the bachelor's degree in biology and hopefully then medicine school. What is the best things that need a student for medicine?

  • 0932549
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    If I'm studying medicine what could be the hardest class to take in your opinion?

  • Kevinnsanchezz
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    Hi Dr. Portela, I’m currently a student in the HOSA program working towards my certifications to pursue my dream in the medical field. I was wondering if you’ll be able to answer some of my questions and concerns.

    • What inspired you to take the route of a dermatologist?
    • How many years did it take you to get where you are today?
    • Did you ever feel like being a dermatologist wasn’t for you?
    • What university did you attend and what degrees did you obtain?
    • What is the best feedback you can give to students entering the medical field?

    Thank you for your time!

  • cass1998
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    Hello, Dr.Portela I just wanted to let you know I admire your profession and your interest in skin cancer. 

    I have some questions relating to patient care.

    What techniques do you use to treat children and newborns?

    And what is the most rare disease you have diagnosed/treated?

  • jiannamae20
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    Hi Dr. Portela! I am considering to become a dermatologist in the future. What schools and courses would you recommend taking to become a dermatologist?

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