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Instagram Live Ask Me Everything with @apptallo.

Make sure you tune in to hear Dr. Portela answer your questions!

More about Dr. Portela

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Dustin Portela, DO, is a Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon. He is certified through the American Board of Dermatology, the largest national group of board certified dermatologists. His professional interests include skin cancer surgery and facial reconstruction, skin cancer prevention, complex medical dermatology and wound healing.

Dr. Portela has lectured at national dermatology meetings and has published articles in several medical journals. Dr. Portela graduated with an Honors-Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Idaho State University. He received his medical degree at Des Moines University in Des Moines, IA graduating among the top of his class and being recognized with the Award for Excellence in Physiology. Following medical school Dr. Portela completed his internship through Michigan State University at the Oakwood Southshore Hospital. His residency training in Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery was completed at Michigan State University through the Beaumont Trenton Hospital in Trenton, Michigan, where he also received his training in Mohs micrographic surgery and was recognized with the Excellence in Dermatologic Surgery Award.

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  • C_King_17
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    Hello, Dr. Portela. It's really cool to see what you've become and how many followers you have. I'm interested in the Medical Field; Physical Therapy, I was wondering what "out of the box" things you did to be where you are now/successful in your career. What would you recommend for someone who's interested in Physical Therapy, who wants to gain some tips and training right now?

  • brittwarr
    brittwarr Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    I am currently in a LPN (licensed practical nurse) program. I am interested in a few different healthcare settings. Do you have LPN's in your office and if so what do they assist you with? Thank you!

  • daniellecfolsom
    daniellecfolsom Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined
    edited September 2021

    This is so great Dr.Portela. It’s incredible to see all you’ve done and how you influence others. I wanted to ask, if you could give anyone who’s young and interested in medicine advice, what would you tell them? Why would you tell them this?

  • nazifa
    nazifa Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Hi, Dr. Portela, thank you for sharing your insight with us. I noticed you graduated with an Honors-Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Idaho State University. Wondering if you always had plans to go into Dermatology and what undergraduate majors you recommend for aspiring Dermatologists?

  • laniehope
    laniehope Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Hi! I am in a PCT class right now where I will take the certification test at the end of the year. I am super excited for our first clinical next week, but also super nervous! Do you have any tips/advice for clinical? How should I be involved but not to the point where I am in the way or bothering the staff? Thanks so much!

  • Dorothy_18
    Dorothy_18 Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Hello Dr Portela am a high school senior and i want to be in the medical field which is R.N nurse what is your advice for me and what should i do am very nervous so please can you help me to understand the process

  • FancyMae
    FancyMae Member Posts: 70 Level 3 | Contributor

    What is it like being in healthcare?

  • Number1nurse81
    Number1nurse81 Member Posts: 2 Level 1 | Just Joined

    I am a current LPN pursuing my RN degree. Do you utilize LPNs and Rns in your field? If so what type of duties do they have. What made you specialize in dermatology?

  • GoGraceGo
    GoGraceGo Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    I have question regarding diet and acne (something most of us young people deal with frequently.) Does greasy food (like french fries) really cause breakouts or is it more about sugary foods, or both?

  • HelenNavarrete0309
    HelenNavarrete0309 Member Posts: 5 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Hi Dr. Portela,

    Regarding skincare and diet. I have always wondered if your diet affects the way your skin reacts. Why is it when I eat poorly my skin stays clear, but if someone else did that they would have a breakout of acne? Is it a genetic factor?

  • HelenNavarrete0309
    HelenNavarrete0309 Member Posts: 5 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Hello again Dr. Portela,

    Why does my eye skin burn or irritate when I enter a new environment? Every time I live with someone new I inhibit an eye allergy. I had surgery for the right eye too. Not sure why my skin reacts that way.

  • pagangeekchick
    pagangeekchick Member Posts: 1 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Dr. Portela, I’ve run across some situations where I couldn’t differentiate seborrheic dermatitis from psoriasis. Based on your experience, what do you do?

  • FutureNurse
    FutureNurse Member Posts: 5 Level 2 | Newcomer

    Greeting Dr. Portela,

    I have a topics question regard to your skincare routine habits and why did you decide on to be a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon in the medical practice industry rather than a medical dermatology or cosmetic dermatology?🌍️

  • taush
    taush Member Posts: 3 Level 1 | Just Joined

    Hi Dr. Portela, what got you interested in Dermatology?

  • Kylie2022
    Kylie2022 Member Posts: 6 Level 1 | Just Joined

    If you weren’t a dermatologist, what specialty would you have chosen?

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