$2,500 Healthcare Month Scholarship

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Our winner of the Healthcare Month Scholarship is @EmmanSaysHello ! They did a wonderful job of engaging with different aspects of the Healthcare Month on the Community.

Whether it was asking insightful questions on the Ask Me Everythings with medical professionals or encouraging others in the healthcare education or career journey EmmanSaysHello was there to help!



Tallo Community $2,500 Healthcare Month Scholarship 

As part of Healthcare Month we will award a scholarship to one Tallo Community member. There are LOTS of ways to enter (comment on healthcare posts, register for the event, etc.) and here is the best part… you can enter multiple times to increase your chances of winning!

Here are the ways to enter for the Healthcare Month Scholarship:

1) Post questions

On any or all of the Ask Me Everythings we have scheduled with various medical industry influencers throughout October. 

2) Post comments on any of the incredible healthcare related posts

That will be going up throughout the month. Check the schedule of all the great content here. We’ll be updating the schedule with links as these informative medical related post go live on the Community. Jump on in and comment on one or all of the post we’ll be publishing throughout Healthcare Month! The comment must be over 100 characters and it’ll be considered as an entry into the Healthcare Month scholarship.

3) Attend The Future of Healthcare event October 20th, 2021 I 6PM PST. Register for your spot here.

4) Attend PING Healthcare Virtual College Fair October 6, 2021 | 8am - 8pm EST. Sign up for the college fair today


Scholarship Requirements

  • Must be 13+
  • Keep your posts and comments professional and education or career related. We want you to participate in Healthcare Month in ways that uplift you as well as all the other aspiring medical professionals. 
  • You are able to comment or ask as many questions as you want for more chances at winning the Healthcare Month Scholarship but remember... keep it professional. If you spam those entries will not count.
  • This must be your own work and not plagiarized.
  • Winner will be announced on November 16th.



  • MeLLL
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  • Jason_Tallo
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    Excited to see all the contributions from Tallo Community members to Healthcare Month!

  • FancyMae
    FancyMae TexasMember Posts: 33 🏞️ | Wanderer

    How does it feel being in healthcare, and helping people?

  • bellasoftball31
    bellasoftball31 Member Posts: 1 👋 | Newcomer

    What is your experience at working in the health care community?

  • semuakhagbon
    semuakhagbon Member Posts: 1 👋 | Newcomer

    How do you combat the medical misinformation spread of social media?

  • Sweetface1212
    Sweetface1212 Member Posts: 1 👋 | Newcomer

    What is it like to be in healthcare? Is it complicated or a normal work zone? I'm just curious,

  • Hallie
    Hallie Member Posts: 7 👋 | Newcomer

    The healthcare field is ever-changing and I feel as though it is normal in a certain sense, but there are complicated processes and knowledge that go into working in a healthcare field. To work in healthcare, you have to be able to adapt, whether that be to new techniques, machinery, or information that deviates from normal practices. Since everyone is uniquely made, there is always some deviation and variety from the standards you are taught during your schooling. For instance, I am learning the entire skeleton right now in my college anatomy class, but if we were to look at real human cadavers and their bones, we would see variation and differences in every single person. Healthcare is normal in the sense that you get up and go to work at a certain time and you clock in as you would with other jobs, but as far as what goes on while you're at work, you will encounter something new everyday. I hope this helped!

  • Hallie
    Hallie Member Posts: 7 👋 | Newcomer

    In my personal experience, it feels gratifying. I love being a part in people's journey to recover and get well again. Personally, I like to work with people recover from injury and with prevention of injury because I am majoring in Exercise Science. I have a job as a PT Technician, so I work with patients every week, and seeing people recover and get well and live their lives in a better state makes me feel fulfilled for getting to be a part of that journey. Helping others is also my passion, so for me it feels amazing to see people thrive because of work you contributed to on them. I feel like it is a unique experience with every individual though. I really connect with older patients and helping them to recover, some people love working with kids, others love working specifically with post-operative patients. Depending on your passion for helping others and who you love to help, the experience is different.

  • FancyMae
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    Well i want to become a Baby nurse, because i love being around babies and little children.

  • MeLLL
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  • Destiny_Rose_Davis23
    Destiny_Rose_Davis23 Kendall, WisconsinMember Posts: 242 💫 | Contributor

    My name is Destiny Rose Davis, I am a junior in High school. I really want to pursue science and the medical field more than what I have access to. My grandpa was a pediatrician and he as always inspired me to help others. Most of my family have or are in the medical field, but my grandpa is my idol out of everyone. He when to SIU Carbondale and lives in Quincy Illinois and worked at the hospital there. Also, he ended up retiring last year cause he wanted to help out our church and help out his community. He has told me that going in to the medical field will be tough, and I should take as many science classes that I can. I have finally decided that I want to be a pediatrician. So, I can work with children and help them when they are sick.

  • Mike
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    When striving to be a medical professional we are often told their are many hardships on the path to to it. In your opinion what are some of the most difficult things you can deal with on the path to achieving your Medical career goal?

  • k_jones03
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    Was all the schooling stressful ? How long were you in school before you worked in an actual office for your job?

  • FancyMae
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    Cool, no way! I love that we have that in common.

  • Nuero
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    I'm a new member in HOSA, 9th grade, and I went to my first guest speaker meeting for HOSA last week. She talked a lot about the social aspect of healthcare and it opened my eyes to different opportunities I never thought was possible. As an Indian who was only told that doctors other than surgeons are useless, I realized how flexible healthcare workers are, there are so many jobs that I can take based on my own interest! I don't need to be a surgeon to be the 'most important,' all I have to do is be committed to help people in the healthcare world. Volunteering is the best hands on experience in HOSA and I'm super excited to sign up for leadership opportunities related to event managing. The progress I can make in HOSA is unlimited, and I've decided the most important thing to do being a member of HOSA is to involve myself even more. Its only been about 2 months, yet I have learned about social aspects of HOSA, joined a T-Shirt competition, joined an optional zoom call about polio eradication and a laboratory scientist whose team performs molecular epidemiology to track polio in Africa, and am participating in a healthcare month scholarship opportunity!

    To all of you thinking about joining HOSA, you will not regret it.

    (The file attached is the T-Shirt I made in the T-shirt design competition, for anyone who needs more inspiration)

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