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    My name is Emma Casteel and I go to Lenoir City High School. I started HOSA as a freshman, and this year is my third year. HOSA has inspired me so much. This year I decided along with continuing my path of learning in HOSA, I wanted to be a leader. This year, I am Vice president of my school HOSA club and get to help guide others down their path of learning.

    I've known that I wanted to be a healthcare worker since I was 7 years old. My mom was a nurse. Visiting her office and co-workers, I decided that I wanted to help people just like they did. The problem with this is that I never knew how I wanted to help, never knew what I wanted to be. It seemed to change every year: cna, lpn, pediatric doctor, cardiatric surgeon, physical therapist. HOSA helped change that.

    In our school club we do different activities, pertaining to different jobs. One day we were each designated to a different injury and were told to find exercise techniques to help make the injury better, and eventually stronger. I had found so many stretching techniques, and exercises. By also being an athlete, I never realized I could be the one to help trivial breaks and sprains.

    HOSA opened my eyes to so many opportunities, and to what I want to be in the future. It helps me further my education in the direction I want to go. Now, I get to help create activities and talk to our members about different job paths in the medical field.

    Emma Casteel: Junior, Lenoir City High School

    @HOSA #HOSAScholarshipchallenge

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    Hello, my name is Caitlyn Mills I am a sophomore at Knox Central High School I am interested in going into the medical field. HOSA has helped me know for sure that. HOSA allows you many different opportunities, HOSA has helped me understand the different career pathways they had in medical. I have always wanted to be in the medical field since I was a little girl it is what interests me because I love the fact of helping people out. I have a really big heart and being in the medical field will help me express the love I have for helping the people in need. My family has inspired me to go into the medical field but not only them mostly myself. You have to be the main reason you want to go into the medical field, not someone else because it won't always work out if you are not doing it for yourself. If you are not sure about going into the medical field I advise you to take HOSA. HOSA will help you learn more about the health career pathways and help you know which career pathway is for you. The career pathway that I would enjoy is a nurse practitioner and HOSA helped me realize that. I would love to attend Lincoln Memorial University to help me get started on becoming a nurse practitioner and this scholarship would offer me a good advantage to pursue my dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner. I am really grateful to have this opportunity thanks to HOSA and Tallo.

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    Hi! i am a student from KCHS (Knox Central High School), my name is Sarah Cole I have been in highschool for two years which means, I am a sophomore. And I have been participating in HOSA this year! HOSA has helped me feel stronger towards what I wanted to do by showing me all the opportunities I have as a young student.HOSA has also helped show me all the many things a student might go through in veterinary medicine. Ever since I was young, about 5 I have known what I have wanted and that is to work with animals and help better their genetics as well as give them the treatment they need! Being a veterinarian is the classic/basic job people ask for but, I am not writing this just for a basic writing piece! I have always felt a special bond with many animals of all kinds. I love learning about them and helping, I think animals understand us as much as humans, animals have such kind hearts and I think that's why I want to help them I feel the bond with these kind hearted animals and I know I must be the one to change their lives because they cant walk themselves into a doctors office like humans. I will drop some pictures of me with animals. I am so excited to be working on this essay for tallo Let’s make veterinary practice possible! 🐶🩺💜 @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

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    Hello Tallo and HOSA!

    My name is Amanda and I am a junior in high school. This is my first year in HOSA, but I am unbelievably excited. I have played soccer all my life, so I love to compete, and greatly look forward to competing as well. I aim to get an MD in radiology because I have always been interested in physiology, and find myself drawn to problem-solving careers. My family is composed of greatly differing jobs and outlooks on life, but not one is involved with the medical field. However, if there's anything I've learned from my family it's that you should take every opportunity you can to help your future, which is why I'm applying to this scholarship, in addition to a hospital shadowing opportunity in radiology this upcoming Monday. All of these things HOSA has given me, and I am grateful to have found chances like these.

    @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

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    @HOSA My name is Annmarie Murphy, and I'm a junior at Whitefish Bay High School. My freshman year, I joined HOSA in order to listen to guest speakers. The guest speaker I listened to who really made an impact was a Nurse Practitioner. She taught me all about what it means to be a Nurse Practitioner, and gave me ALOT of respect for nurses. This will be crucial in my success as a doctor. Then, I got to hear from an ear nose and throat doctor. This was fascinating because I had never thought about what an interesting experience being an ENT would provide. While both of these were important in developing my path into the medical field, my sophomore year provided even greater development. I pursued the Sports Medicine competitive event for HOSA, which led me to the most compelling textbook I've ever read. In that, I learned about being an athletic trainer's assistant. After talking to Whitefish Bay's athletic trainer, I decided to be her assistant the following year. Twice a week during the month of August, and once a week during September and October, I've helped out in the training room. I tape wrists and ankles, cover up turf burn or other scrapes, provide general first aid, and help in any other ways possible. Not only has this experience connected me to loads of new people at my school, but I've also discovered a passion of mine. I love to help out athletes who I can relate to, and providing "triage" has been an amazing experience. Had it not been for HOSA's incredible competition events, I never would have discovered this passion of mine.

    #HOSA Scholarship Challenge

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    Although I may not have an epic adventure and life-changing event to set me apart from the rest, my passion and sincerity isolate my story. From a young age, I had always aspired to become a veterinarian, the younger version of myself misunderstanding what the job had entailed entirely. I had dreamed of playing with puppies and kittens all day long and obtaining such a high salary from doing so. I engulfed myself in science classes, eager to learn and reach my highest potential to gain this job. I distinctly remember the moment of clarity I received in elementary school when we began to discuss the human body. I suddenly had neglected the adorable creatures and became fascinated with the human anatomical structure. The school counselor approached my class with a career project. Each student was to choose his or her desired career and complete an extensive amount of research on this occupation. Captivated by my newfound knowledge, I had chosen the career path of a doctor. Of course, my 8-year-old self had no idea what this entailed as well. However, one thing was for sure, I wanted to continue science. The counselor scoffed at my decision and told me to “choose something realistic” as if I could not someday be a doctor. Although this jolted my scientific passion to a halt by defeat at a young age, HOSA became a home to me. HOSA became my support group, a place where I could express any scientific desires as I wished, and it was encouraged. I immersed myself in research, studying a variety of medical occupations and concepts. I have completed almost every possible science course offered at my high school in order to continue this research. Through this period, I had discovered one of my largest passions in science, genetics. I wish to study the molecular makeup of DNA, research how organisms react to change and explore the human genome. Peers may giggle and comment before dismissing the statement. I’ve heard them all. “Are you sure”, “that sounds difficult”, “I’m not sure YOU can do that”, “I can’t picture you in a job like that”, etc. This negativity has not diminished my passion, if anything it is the fire that fuels it. I wish to pursue an occupation that makes me happy. There is a famous quote on which I base my statements upon, “find what you would die for, then live for it”.  This quote helps to address the need to fulfill your passions and desires within your life. Without passion, there is no love. Everyone should love their occupation to create the largest impact upon others. HOSA has given me a shot at redemption, a chance to succeed. As President of my High School HOSA club, I have allowed each individual that same chance that was extended towards me. HOSA has restored my passion and love for science, I believe that it is a place anyone is welcomed.

    Sydney Peck

    Staley High School

    Grade 12

    @HOSA #HOSA Scholarship Challenge

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    Hello, my name is Telmar Munge-Ewane and I attend Pebble Hills High School. I am a 15 year old Sophomore that discovered HOSA this year. Becoming a member of HOSA for the pass 3 months now has been an honor and an amazing experience. Having the ability to learn about the various fields in the Medical field is very intriguing. Something that I admire a lot, which is also one of the reasons I joined HOSA is that HOSA has helped me discover what I love to study and has opened my eyes to opportunities I never knew I could have. The organization gives students the ability to learn further more as to what they want to become or help students make a decision as to what medical profession they would be interested in. Additional to that, I study Pathophysiology and I genuinely enjoy studying this major. This is because I know that with the information and knowledge I gain, It would really improve me in my future career as a Cardiothoracic Physician Assistant if being persist and other courses I would have to learn/take in the years of getting my bachelor's degree and masters. Studying to become a Cardiothoracic Physician Assistant is not just because it would benefit me through the pay but the ability of me helping people in the best way possible is something I would love to be a part of. I have always been interested in the human heart growing up as a child. I always wanted to know how the human heart functions and why we have certain diseases within our heart such as arrhythmia, heart valve disease, and high blood pressure/diabetes which runs within my family genes and it's what made me more interested in the human heart. Just knowing that I could help so many people one day with the same problem is going to be an amazing accomplishment of mine. Studying could be very challenging and hard sometimes but I always remember that I'm not just studying for myself but I'm studying for the future kids and families I would be helping which keeps me thriving and motivated. Most importantly, I wouldn't be here today without my support system of my family, teachers, and friends. Lastly, I would like to give a big thank you to HOSA for these experiences and opportunities in the medical field. But most importantly, a huge thank you to Tallo for giving me and other students this opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It would mean the world to me to earn this scholarship and would improve and guide me trough the process of advancing my education and having a well grounded knowledge in medicine. Thank you once again! @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge #PhysicianAssistant in the making/process

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    Hi! This is my application for the HOSA Scholarship.

    My name is Pranavya Radhakrishnan and I am a senior at John Champe High School. From member to secretary to president of HOSA at Champe, I have grown over these past three years. In the future, I would like to become a doctor, and while I’m not sure what kind yet, HOSA has been a huge part in inspiring my passion for medicine.

    When I first joined HOSA, I barely had exposure to medicine and healthcare. I had no clue how many different fields and specialties were within medicine, and I knew nothing about what I was interested in. After having guest speakers come to our school and talk to our club about how to find a passion for medicine, I knew what I had to do: get the exposure I was missing. 

    I decided that I would shadow a variety of healthcare professionals to see what I was interested in. I shadowed a physical therapist, veterinarian, and pediatric dentist. Through each of these experiences, I learned a little more about my interests and where I wanted to be.  

    My first healthcare experience was with a physical therapist. As well as learning about basic human anatomy, I discovered an intimate relationship between a physical therapist and a patient, and the mutual trust, communication, and determination that goes into creating and executing a successful treatment. 

    My second healthcare experience was at a veterinary hospital. I learned not only about the veterinary profession but also about managing a private practice. I learned how to interact with patients and their pets, how to help pets stay comforted and relaxed as they are being helped, and also more specific skills including how to draw vaccines, use an autoclave and ultrasonic machine, set up surgical equipment, and complete inventory. 

    My third healthcare experience was at a pediatric dentist’s office. During this opportunity, I learned about the importance of medical history and examinations, as well as keeping an accurate record of patient information. I also learned how to use time management skills during a busy schedule. While I found that I was not interested in dentistry, I learned a lot about the atmosphere surrounding the field.

    Without HOSA, I would not have known to explore all these careers, and I definitely would not have found my place in healthcare, which I love so much already. I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am positive that it’ll all be worth it. I owe it all to my participation in HOSA. I know that without this amazing organization, I would not be where I am today.  

    HOSA has been so important to the development of my character and my interests. It has taught me to take initiative and get involved whenever possible. It has taught me to actively learn and work toward my goals. I am so grateful to be a part of HOSA and hope that everyone has as much fun in HOSA as I did these past few years.

    @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

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    HOSA, My Medical Trump Card (HOSA Scholarship Challenge)

    Hey guys, My name is Ayat Kazmi. I am currently a Senior at Plainfield South High School and a student at WILCO Area Career Center. I am a rising college student who will soon go to medical school to become a Physician, specifically an Anesthesiologist. I have been chosen by my peers to become President for the HOSA chapter at my school since junior year and currently I am a CNA student.

    Since I was a little kid I always wanted to be a doctor. I always thought this was some silly childhood fantasy, but as I grew up I wanted to make this fantasy a reality. The burning passion in me and my desires became so strong to make an impact on this world by serving and helping people. Becoming a Physician will open many doors for me and will privilege me into being someone who is able to provide health and care by using my abilities and skills. Even with this passion so immense and a will so strong, the people around me carried words of discouragement. No one believed that I would be able to become a doctor, people in my community looked down upon me saying, “girls are supposed to be in the kitchen” , they also said, “Doctor? You? Really?” , “You’ll become a doctor when pigs fly.” These words haunt me , for some time these words made me doubt myself even though I knew who I was and I knew what I was capable of . I know that I have the potential in me , and no matter what anyone says I cannot waste this potential and let myself stop following my dreams just because someone said I can't. I will follow my dreams for the sake of myself and for the people I will help soon in the future, not for the people who have put me down and belittled me and my academic capabilities.

    As a high schooler I was desperate to find a chance to get an early exposure into the medical field and create a foundation of knowledge in medicine. During  my junior and senior year I was able to attend WILCO Area Career Center , where I was able to take the classes, Introduction to Health Professions and CNA. And that's when my teacher introduced me to HOSA, I was so shocked that HOSA was the organization that fulfilled my education needs as a rising student into the medical field. I was instantly drawn to the organization to the point I participated in the annual HOSA competitions, which brought me so many advantages. I participated in the following events: Medical Terminology, CPR/First Aid, CERT Skills, Nursing Assisting. By participating in these events I realized what knowledge is needed to be part of the medical force and what is expected from one when they are in the healthcare force. HOSA has been the root of the vast knowledge I have in the medical field and it has truly created a foundation of knowledge for me as a student who wants to go into the medical field. Being a part of HOSA was a privilege that truly changed my high school career. Because of HOSA I was offered lifetime opportunities such as going to Africa to study tribal medicine and to shadow doctors at their local hospitals, and having universities reach out to me to be part of their health sciences programs.  I am honored to be part of this organization because I know everything I learned during my time as a HOSA president and as a HOSA competitor will help me succeed throughout my undergraduate years as a Biomedical Engineering major and as a Pre-Med Student.

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read my story!

    Ayat Kazmi

    Plainfield South High School , WILCO Area Career Center

    Grade 12

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    Being the vice president of HOSA in Seneca high school has helped me develop my leadership, teamwork and technician skills, and  be  competent through the program's motivation, awareness and recognition. Throughout the program I have learned the part of Health science instructional and what is like to be in the healthcare field. I want to be a Registered Nurse after high school and I am going for four years of college. To finance my nursing education I am playing on going to work while in college and I am going for PCA or MNA, so that will help pay for my college tuition and if I get this scholarship will help me pay half of my tuition. HOSA also helped apply for internships as PCA in the Hospital while shadowing  and volunteering in the healthcare field. Being in HOSA has increased my interest more in the Nursing field.

    Binta Thorb


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    Hi! My name is Megan Turk and I am a senior at Elkhorn Area High School. I started HOSA when I was a freshman, and am honored to still be a part of such a powerful, inspiring group of leaders. HOSA has taught me far more than just health knowledge. It has broadened my understanding of the world, and the unique part each of us carry in it. I have learned how to care for my community in a variety of ways through service projects like "Day of Action" and volunteering at local nursing homes. It makes my heart smile when the actions I do are benefitting those in nearby hospitals and facilities. I am proud to be a part of students who create gift boxes and cards for children and families during the holidays that may not receive fortunate gifts. HOSA has made me want to be the best version of myself and reach my greatest potential. It encouraged me to take a CNA class through a nearby technical college in efforts to merely increase my knowledge on how to properly care for those around me. While I am not sure that this is the career I want to pursue, I would not change taking the CNA course for anything. The immense skills I have attained on how to simply just be more patient and kind with others is far more important than the physical attributes I learned while in the class. I am incredibly blessed that HOSA has given me the opportunity to grow my self-actualization.

    My junior year I competed in Creative Problem Solving and ended up advancing to Internationals. Creative Problem Solving, also, allowed me to embrace different perspectives and think "abnormally." I take these new insights with me daily as I learn to see circumstances from multiple lenses. I grow in an optimistic state of mind, and am determined to succeed.

    I can not thank HOSA enough for the education it has given me. Not only am I more knowledgeable on how to think abstractly, but I have grown in my character in ways that I could never imagine, and for that I am immensely grateful.

    Thank you.

    Megan Turk

    @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

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    Leadership, compassion, service- these are just a few words to describe the impact HOSA has had on me. I am Abigael Villeneuve, a third year HOSA student officer for my school, and high school senior at Central Magnet School. HOSA has helped me find my passion within medicine, nursing. I aspire to be a Nurse Practitioner and specialize in pediatrics or family medicine. Originally, I wanted to be an EMT because of the fast pace work and to be there to support those who are at their worst. Now, after a great experience with a family nurse practitioner after suffering a concussion, I want to be in the clinic setting. I competed in EMT last year, placing third at regionals and fifth at state. This past spring, I helped coordinate a luncheon for the nursing staff giving vaccines at the local hospital. Our chapter was able to provide 60 box lunches. HOSA has taught me the importance of giving back, and the impact healthcare workers have had on our community over the past year and a half. Nursing will give me the opportunity to serve others within my community, and be involved in the healthcare field. I am New Hampshire native, and my desire is to work for Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. The impact they have had on my family is incredible, and I want to do the same for my patients in the future.  

    @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

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    Hello Tallo, my name is Jennifer Castellon and I am a Junior at Turlock High. HOSA has had such a huge impact in my life since there is no day that I stop learning something new from this program. Although this is my first year of HOSA I have came to the conclusion that I have learned so much from the past few months. I did not know that I had the opportunity to join this program or else I would have joined this program since the start of high school. Throughout my years I have been super indecisive of which career path to take. With HOSA along with my high school class sports medicine, I was able to stick to a chosen career path which is a Pediatrician Doctor. I am really good with kids and get along with them very well, inclusively, I have volunteered at teaching catechism to young children. HOSA opened many doors to me especially this current program, Tallo. I never knew I had any of these scholarship opportunities which are very important to me since I will be able to start growing my career at such a young age. I have enrolled Dual Enrollment in both colleges, Modesto Junior College and Merced College taking classes that will lead me to my Associate's degree. I take several medical related classes, such as psychology and child development. HOSA has gave me a brief description of the medical field which these college course classes are helping me much more. This scholarship is very important to me since I will be able to start fresh once I graduate high school along with my Associate's degree, being able to accomplish my main HOSA goal since the beginning. HOSA is a program that I never thought would pass through my life. I believed that right after high school I would go to college and starting from the beginning. However, being involved in HOSA for this little bit of time has, how I said before, opened many opportunities to myself that are super helpful and are such guide to what I am going for. I am determined to become a Pediatrician Doctor one day and I know that with HOSA, I will be able to accomplish my goal.

    @HOSA #HOSAscholarshipchallenge

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    I was brought into this world gravely reliant on medicine. I was brought up with an empowering story that involved surgeons and specialties responsible for my life. In fact, this led to my passion in fetal/neonatal surgery. I bring up this rocky start because it indeed was responsible for my incessant impulse to solve problems that arise within the piece of universe we have been given—our bodies. I never lost this sense of fervency regarding medicine and that further encouraged my participation in HOSA. My freshman year, I joined HOSA with avidity. Interaction allowed me to expand my knowledge over my preferred field of study, and I obtained a great abundance of information. The following year, I remained a member, but was encouraged to take the step further; I competed in the Community Awareness HOSA competition. This was the first time my school was involved in this event. I grew as a person, for I built on my leadership and teamwork skills, as well as the ability to socially advocate for what has high significance to me, medically. This allotted for a chance to publicise HOSA and gain support from my nearby medical communities. I evolved personally whilst competing in this event, better aiding the journey to my aspired career. Nevertheless, the HOSA community encompassed me with utmost support, and I found myself on the podium of fifth place when the rankings were presented. However, my placement did not permit me to advance, my infatuation in the values HOSA represents persisted. This year, I ran for secretary of HOSA at my school and succeeded in this endeavor. My participation in HOSA has been educational, extremely rewarding, and unfailingly inspirational. I am following my dreams through my involvement in HOSA. It has enabled several leadership and interactive possibilities prompting my goals to be more attainable. I am, without a doubt, eager to see what follows.

    Saddie Smith: Junior, Aledo High School

    @HOSA #HOSA_Scholarship_Challenge

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