IMPORTANT Message for all Tallo Users!

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Hey everyone, I'm @D_Thomas19 and I am one of the ambassadors on Tallo. It is the ambassador's job to keep the community focused and make sure everything is working properly.

I have been seeing new and old users post discussions about Zodiak signs, YouTubers, memes, movies, and other topics that are irrelevant on Tallo. This is not what Tallo is for. There are enough social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Tiktok, etc. for you to post WHATEVER you desire! If you are not sure what the Tallo Community is. Please read the following posts:

The Tallo mission says, "Our mission is to provide a helpful, meaningful, and safe place for Tallo users to connect with others, ask questions, share knowledge, and provide peer-to-peer and mentor-to-peer guidance on high school and your next steps in your academic and career journey."

And if you scroll down on the Code of Conduct post, you'll see this;

Stay on topic

Keep all topics relevant to education and career. If your topic or question does not fall within the designated categories it may be deleted. Do your best to put questions and topics in the correct place so that others can easily find your posts. This way everyone can spend more time in the community helping each other instead of searching.

  • Choose clear and concise titles for your questions and posts.
  • Search for your question before posting it to make sure it hasn’t already been asked.
  • Post your questions in the correct category and include relevant tags on your post.
  • Stay on topic within a post. If you want to talk about something else, create a new one.
  • No spamming (links, referrals, advertisements, etc.)

There should be a separation between social media platforms and Tallo. Please stay focus, only post things related to high school, education, and academics! Please do not spam just for points! Another ambassador, @MonseC423, has created a Padlet for those who desire to want to talk about other things, here is the link. (Ignore the GIF 😂)

I am not trying to be mean or say you can not talk, but I am saying to try your best to keep Tallo focused on what it was made to be.

Introduce yourself here:

Thank you! Let us all continue Tallo-ing together