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Hi everyone!

I was recently given the opportunity to speak with two different Travel Nurses! They were both super nice and informational. I would like to share some of the advice that I was given with you guys!

Why did you become a Travel Nurse?

Nurse A: She chose to become a nurse because she really enjoyed helping others and learning about medical sciences. She did not choose to become a doctor because she wanted to spend more time with her patients and she would rather not have the pressure to make bigger decisions.

Nurse B: She also really enjoyed working with people and learning about the body. One of her family members was actually a Nurse, but they [the family member] did not recommend the career path to her. [the travel nurse]. She chose to do it anyway, and she loves it!

How much schooling did you do/why?

Nurse A: She got her master's in Nursing just recently. Getting a master's opened a massive window of opportunities for her. She is more likely to be hired because of the level of knowledge she has.

Nurse B: She is currently getting her Master's Degree while working. She says that she just loved to keep learning. The higher degree also pays more, has better work hours, and it

Who should become a Nurse?

Nurse A: Potentially anyone! Nursing School is hard, so it takes a very determined person. It requires lots of communication skills, It's a people person occupation.

Nurse B: It takes a lot of persistence. It can be a hard job, but it's definitely worth going through with! Someone who enjoys learning about the human body and helping others.

Why didn't you become a Doctor?

Nurse A: Her family was very supportive of her decision, but they really wanted her to become a Doctor. She enjoyed having flexible work hours [3 - 12 hour shifts]. She liked not having the final say on bigger decisions. It can be a lot of pressure.

Nurse B: Her family was accepting of her choice to become a nurse. They encouraged her to become a Doctor. She did not feel like going to school for so many years and it did not fit her personality.

Why did you become a Travel Nurse?

Nurse A: She wanted to move around! It was a great opportunity to explore and learn more about different states.

Nurse B: She was appealed to the higher pay and experiences connected to traveling. It was a great way to expand and learn different skills!

Hopefully You Find This As Helpful As I Did!



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    That is awesome that you got to talk to someone. This is very great information and yes it was helpful thanks for sharing :) @MonseC423

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    @MonseC423 This is an amazing post, great job. Epic, how you got to talk to these traveling nurses. Best of luck!

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    Terrific Post @MonseC423! Sounds like a wonderful experience!

    Did this experience cause you to be more certain concerning your nursing career? I know you want to become a Travel Nurse, but did this cause you to be interested in a different form of nursing, or no?

    And what is the #1 thing from this that you will remember?

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    Thank you @D_Thomas19 for the comment and questions!

    I feel like I connected really well with these nurses, aside from the fact that they were super nice!. They had very similar situations and ways of thinking. Ideas that people around me don't normally agree with or talk about. In short, they were very relatable. I felt a lot more solid with my decision to become a Nurse. Honestly, I just wanted to get different perspectives on travel nursing. Making sure it's what I really want to do. After the meetings, I felt a new level of confidence when it came to becoming a Nurse.

    The One Thing? THERE ARE SO MANY.

    I feel like the concepts that stuck the most were:

    • Don't let other's opinions stop you. Be yourself and if you feel like you are right, go through with it. Don't ever feel like you are not doing enough, or like your ideas are not worth sharing. Family pressure can be difficult, but they should love and support you for who you are.
    • Confidence is essential to life. It's impossible to get anything done without talking to other people. Learning how to analyze and act around different people is crucial in the Real World. There are also a lot of things/ people that will try to take you down or try to make you feel insecure. You just have to remember your values and how special you are!

    Hope this answers your questions @D_Thomas19 😅

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    I'm glad to hear this! Those are some great concepts! As I like to say, "Confidence is one of the keys to success." And it truly is.

    I wish you all the success in the world @MonseC423!

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    Great post, Monse! Thanks for sharing your experience interviewing those nurses so others can benefit!