Never Give Up

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Hey everybody, my name is Tim.

I just wanted to give you some encouragement.

Never give up. Pursue your passion. Do what you love, don't let nobody, no thing, and no circumstance slow you down or stop you. Do you. You have to be that change you want to see in the world. It starts with you. Speak your mind because tomorrow is never promised. Don't back down, stand your ground. If you stand up to a bully, they will see you're going to fight. All it takes is one physical fist fight and they stop. Why? Because they saw you are not going to let them push you around, they fear those who fight back.


  • C_King_17
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    @Tim12 Thanks for the encouragement man, this will help out. Also, maybe violence isn't always the first choice, but I agree. Thanks again. 😎

  • Tim12
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    Violence should never be your first resort but the last.

  • Sugarplum
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    @Tim12 Thanks for the advice, although i don't approve of violence I really needed this.

  • JOE
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    @Tim12 Awesome post bruh. Pretty much, violence might not even make it better with da whole bullying thing but yeah other than that, #myencouragementfortheday

  • Mistkat22
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    @Tim12 Thanks for the motivational speech Tim! I do think that there are better ways to deal with bullies but I still appreciate the advice :)