Types of Physical Therapy

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For a long time, I've wanted to become a Physical Therapist, help people get back on their feet. I want to see elderly people living their lives to the fullest, enjoying frisbee with their grandchildren, so on. My main goal is to help the veterans, enable them to make a life outside of the military with maximum mobility. Helping them out like they helped and protected us.

Now, there are certain types of Physical therapies with certain focuses created to help certain people(age-wise.) One of the many is called = Pediatric Therapy. Pediatric Therapy's focus is children. Pediatric therapists help children who suffer from disabilities such as, Broken bones, head, hand, and spinal injuries, autism, and many more. They work for the betterment, health, and improvement of children's physical, motor, and judgment/knowledge(cognitive) abilities. You look at the world today and see how many children's lives and dreams are limited, ruined due to incidents in their lives. If you want to help them, Pediatric Therapy is one of the best choices.

Orthopedic Therapy's main focus is tendons, bones, ligaments, so on. Orthopedic therapists look to help those who suffer from many disabilities that mostly are made from outside incidents. Like accidents, while in battle, even misplacing your foot. While taking therapy, the therapist will use tools on you, help you regain strength(especially after surgeries, in order to help you get comfortable with using that area of your body) helping those with neck, spinal, knee, problems, arthritis, and many more problems.

Geriatric Therapy's focus is on elderly people, ones who have lived for some time, and suffer from many things. Most of the bodily damage is similar to the ones that orthopedic therapists deal with. As you grow older, your body won't be able to operate the same way it did when you were younger. This is normal for all aging humans; however, geriatric therapists strive to make a difference. Helping the elderly to be able to have more movement, flexibility, strength, and so on. There's also another type of geriatric therapy, geriatric speech therapy. This focus is as it says in the name, speech. Like I stated previously, as you grow older your body won't be able to operate the same way it did when you were younger. Physical therapy helps the body in many ways and almost every part of it.

My choice is Orthopedic Therapy, I'll probably be able to help veterans out in that field. I also might head into military service as a military therapist. Stay safe guys.