Community Chat: What Is Early Action for College?

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For many college-hopefuls, the worst part about applying for college isn’t writing application essays or figuring out which schools to apply to — it’s the waiting. After visiting countless college campuses, applying for college scholarships, and just getting HYPED for uni life in general, you now have to wait until the spring of your senior year to find out your fate. 


Unless…you submit a college application early…

Turns out, many colleges and universities offer early decision (ED) and early action (EA) admissions that allow students to apply to college early. You probably know all about ED, the strongest “card to play” in the college admissions game. But have you heard about early action? (Read more)


Are you looking into early decision or early action college admissions? We'd love to know what your plan is and how the process is going!


  • Angel_Scholar
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    Not yet, but in a little while I will!

  • jshi27
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    Thank you so much for posting this! This post will definitely be useful when I start applying to colleges. At this moment, early action college admissions sound pretty good. However, I want to explore the colleges I'm interested in more before I make a decision. If I really like a college, I might apply to college early decision, but for now, I'm not quite sure.

  • EmmaLee
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    How early can we apply?

  • reamads
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    So applications open on August 1st every year!

    Then ED and EA due dates are usually from October to December, but you can turn them in whenever you'd like.