Medical Professions: Is It Worth the Hype?

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As you and I both know, the various Medical Professions have various benefits such as being rewarding, economical benefits and not to mention the satisfaction an individual gets from treating a needing patient. In spite of these benefits, they can also be draining, have long hours and shifts and most often Medical Professionals are piled on with student loans. Not sure if you want to be a Medical Professional? Well keep on reading and you'll be informed about this well-praised field.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Going into Medical Professions:

  1. Do I like medically helping people on a daily basis?
  2. How will the hours of my new job affect my home life? (This question can really be applied for any job!)
  3. Am I comfortable with seeing blood on a daily basis?
  4. Do I have any passions other than Medicine? Would I enjoy doing this job more?
  5. Will I be making enough money to support my student loan payments and be able to live comfortably?

Obviously, this is a short list of questions, but it's crucial to get a good understanding about your love for medicine.

Schooling and Student Loans

It's no secret that Medical School is expensive, but you have to really evaluate if this is going to be worth your hefty amount of time spent at school. Also, you're going to want to consider the rates of medical school dropout rates, because you might be one of the people falling into that category. In short, the dropout rate is about 16%-18%. Here's an article to read more about it:

Pros and Cons:


  1. Financial Benefits: Most people know that Medical Professionals make a lot of money, but at what cost?
  2. Job Stability: It's a sad reality, but our world will always need doctors to take care of patients. But, that means that Medical Professionals aren't often out of a job!
  3. Saving Lives: This is a HUGE one, since the main goal of this field is to keep patients alive, the satisfaction that one gets when they help out a patient is immeasurable!


  1. Burnout: Medical Professionals often face burnout from the long shifts and hard days on the job.
  2. The Rigor of Medical School: Medical School is hard! Be prepared to take various Math and Science-Based college classes such as Biology, Chemistry (Inorganic and Organic) , Physics, and much more. A link listing most of the classes you need to take can be found here:
  3. Student Loans: Because you'll be taking a lot of hard classes, you'll need to pay for them! Whether it's with a hefty student loan or you'll be paying in cash, it'll be a lot of money either way.

Ways to Cut down on Medical School Costs:

  1. Apply for scholarships on different websites such as:,, College Board, and many more!
  2. Get a job at your local hospital. Not all jobs require a Doctorate Degree in hospitals! Call and check what you can do with a high school diploma!
  3. Apply for financial aid: Most colleges have financial aid options that you can apply to! (In-State colleges offer a lot of benefits if you are looking to cut some costs down!)


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    I say it's totally worth the hype!


    If you hadn't had the chance please check out my spotlight challenge -

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    Congratulations @IsabellaMer14 ! There are a ton of Tallo Community members that are interested in medical professions so I'm sure they'll benefit from your post. Great recommendation to look for a job in the medical field even at a high school level. There are more opportunities than you'd imagine when your looking for them and it sounds like you've tapped into that. Well done and thank you for sharing with the Community!

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    I graduated as a MA in december 2019 but then the pandemic started and it gave me no choice at the time to stay home with my son and just work a deli job down the street from my house. I worked hard to get where i was and gave it right up. I am starting healthcare administration classes in EGCC online Monday August 16th and I don't think I want to do it anymore because I want to just get a job as an entry level MA. What should I do?

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    That is awesome. Let me start off and say anyone who makes it to college is just great. The pandemic has ruined everything but now more jobs are available. I have been looking into Medical billing and coding jobs they pay really good and my school is paying for them so I can wait to start that this year. It will be great to work from home so maybe you could look at something like that so that way you can spend time with your son and work from home. Some other jobs that you can do from home are Creative Assistant, Personal Assistant, or Data entry with you already have a degree in something that will boost your chances of getting hired. :) Even though I cannot tell you what to do I know that you will do great with whatever you choose!! Also, welcome to the community. How are you?

    Hope this helps! :) And I am always here to help in the future

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