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So my school starts on August 4th and I wanted to share some tips that I plan on doing to help prepare for Junior year. These tips can be used for all grades and I'll make some posts on each grade for high school and some tips and tricks for that as well. Well, I hope you enjoy your read and I hope this helps you in any way, shape, or form.

Tip #1:

Take breaks from being busy. You need to do some self-care and focus on yourself for a little while. I say this because you have to mentally prepare to go back to school. For my school, we are going back to in-person school so that means I am going to see around 3,000 people in my school every day. Now, people scare me so I have to prepare myself for the anxiety that is going to occur. I know this may not be the case for everyone but it is always good to do some self-care before and during school.

Tip #2:

Fix your sleep schedule. I know this sounds way easier said than done but it is a necessity. You should take at least a week before school to fully transition to waking up early. A good way to do this is just to wake up an hour earlier day by day until you reach a reasonable time before your school starts. This prevents you from feeling all drowsy and tired during class.

Tip #3:

Set some goals for the upcoming school year. A good way to do this is to write them down. You should set some short-term and some long-term goals. For example, for me personally, I have a long-term goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Some short-term goals could be Maintaining my 4.5 GPA, learning something new every day, or talk to at least 5 people every day. This is a great way to work on your goals and help you accomplish them as well.

Tip #4:

Review your past material. I say this one because well some teachers love to just get straight into things, especially math teachers, so I would recommend you take a look over your past material. You should take some time to study it and get back into the hang of things. This can help you not fall behind in your classes and prevent burnout early into the year.

Tip #5:

Reset your organizational system. You should clean out your desk, backpack, closet, and etc from the previous year. This helps you get into the mode of school and helps you focus better as well. It also makes it way easier to find certain things and be more efficient in school.

Tip #6:

Declutter your schedule. This means to take the time and see what clubs or sports you are taking and see if you have enough time for all of them. You should also be focusing on the things you find most important to you and things you enjoy.

Tip #7:

Review your syllabus from your teachers. You should see the syllabus and see what you need for the class. You should also get the supplies you need as well to help you prepare beforehand. Now for middle and high school students, you may not get your syllabus until the first day of school but if you get it beforehand it would be a smart idea to review it.

Tip #8:

The last tip is to find out why you are doing all of this. This can also go back to setting your goals but every person has a different reason as to why they are trying in school and why you want to push yourself. This reason can be career goals, personal goals, or etc. You should think about why what you are doing is important to you. I say this because most people are very energetic when it's the beginning of the year and start to lose motivation towards the end. You should remind yourself why everything you are doing right now is worth it and why you find it important.

Well thank you for reading I hope this was helpful to anyone and have an amazing rest of your day.