What is a update or feature you'd like to see on Tallo?

D_Thomas19D_Thomas19 Plano, TexasMember, Tallo Ambassador 🗺️ | Pathfinder
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Answer the question to help make the Community better for everyone. (Personally, I have a lot of feature ideas I can add.)


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  • cabcab Member 💫 | Contributor
  • JadeMoonDragonJadeMoonDragon Bucyrus, Ohio; USAMember 💫 | Contributor

    Being able to block users and posts like you can on Facebook...

  • MonseC423MonseC423 United States📍Member, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon


    Can I ask Why you would want to do that?

    The users of the Tallo community cannot contact you personally, so everyone is able to see the conversations that are occurring. I have not seen too much behavior that I would label "Worthy of blocking the user". (Hope that made sense.) In addition, if you were to "block them", you would be missing out. The user could have an interesting post or insightful comment that could help you. Your feed would be incomplete.

    Also, the Code Of Conduct States that "Our mission is to provide a helpful, meaningful, and safe place for Tallo users to connect with others, ask questions, share knowledge, and provide peer-to-peer and mentor-to-peer guidance on high school and your next steps in your academic and career journey." Meaning, that all of the content should somehow be Career and educationally related. If all this content is related, I see no point in blocking any users.

    Nevertheless, I will tag @Tallo Community Manager, so you can have a more accurate response to your request.

  • RedArrow43RedArrow43 Member 👋 | Newcomer

    A great feature i would love to see is a like button when you see comments. sometimes im confused on whether agreeing or this helped is a great option to like on a comment you just enjoyed reading.

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