Recommended Universities for a Catholic LGBTQIA+ student?

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Rin here!

I'm a practicing Catholic, demiromantic/greyroflux asexual, and non-binary- a combination of communities I know doesn't always mesh very well. Do you know any universities that have student communities for both orthodox Catholics and members of the LGBTQIA+ community?

(Note that when I say 'orthodox', I mean very orthodox: I'm fully practicing, conform to all Catholic teachings, and am in full communion with the Church. That's the big thing that makes my intersectionality uniquely awkward.)

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    Hi @RinAlighieri!

    I'm going to be 100% honest here - I did not understand any of the terms you wrote above, so please excuse my ignorance*

    I am also Catholic and I intend on pursuing a Catholic College! I know that most Religious colleges have an obvious preference but they do not discriminate against students with different beliefs or values. I do not personally know of any communities in Catholic Universities, but I did a little bit of research and I found this article:

    8 Christian Colleges That Have Sanctioned LGBTQ Student Groups on Campus |

    (I know it says Christian but I literally found nothing that was Catholic)

    I really hope this helps 😌

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    @Rach_d2022 I think you meant to tag @MonseC423 again lol

    While I'm here I'll see how I can help you @RinAlighieri!

    I'm not a part of the LGBTQIA+ but I am Catholic and have been reached out to by many Christian schools. I decided to look for some schools for myself but I found a a website that has a list of Catholic Schools that are LGBTQIA+ friendly!


  • RinAlighieriRinAlighieri Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    That's completely fine! I'd be happy to explain to anyone who's curious. Thanks for the help @MonseC423 , I appreciate you taking the time to look!

    I'm also interested in secular universities that have both Catholic and LGBTQIA+ clubs, but I know directories of student clubs can be such a dense tangle that I'm perfectly happy to sort through those myself ;)

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    @RinAlighieri very Interesting. @MonseC423 @Mel don't feel bad I had to look up the terms because I had never seen that word before lol

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    @RinAlighieri, I normally help people when it comes to finding a college or a job; but I am sorry I can not help you. If I do it will violate the absolute code I follow and live by as your philosophy goes completely against mine! I want to help you, but I can not I am sorry I do hope there are those who can help you though!

  • reamadsreamads USAMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon
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    I see some great resources, but I'd find student groups (Reddit is a good place to find college groups/Facebook/Instagram) and reach out and ask.

    Also, I'd look into more "progressive" schools, so maybe schools that do not have such an emphasis on religion (meaning that religion classes aren't required/they don't have such a strict code of conduct such as a dress code, etc.)

    I think Notre Dame and Saint Louis may be good options! I don't know if they have specific orgs (also look up _____ university clubs and organizations and a list will pop up hopefully)

    There is a link for Saint Louis!

    Also, I don't know if you would want to go to a non-religious school, but a few I've looked at have religious LGBT+ clubs (some where all faiths can join and others a specific faith only)

  • Rach_d2022Rach_d2022 Member 🔮 | Paragon

    LOL yep I always do that. I guess because you guys are both so great at answering and start with M'S

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