Living The Art Life

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Hi, So I wanted to talk about art cause it is something kind of related to your everyday life. Art is something that anyone can connect to whether it is emotional or physical. There are lots of kinds of art some of them are like traditional categories within the arts include literature ( including poetry, drama, story and so on ) , the visual arts ( including painting, drawing, sculpting, etc ) , the graphic arts ( include painting, drawing, design and other forms expressed on flat surfaces ), the plastic arts ( sculpture, modelling ), the decorative arts ( enamel work, furniture design, mosaic, etc ), the performing arts ( theater, dance, music) , music ( as composition ), and architecture often including interior design. Except for architecture the rest as i said you can relate to emotionally. For example you can write songs based on your feelings or mood or you can dance your feelings. You can also paint or sketch your feelings. Coming to architecture it may not play a part emotionally but it plays an important role to our life as in the all the successful buildings that were built were built based on architecture cause architecture is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. That is why I art is one of my favorite subjects. THANK YOU!!!!


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