Community Chat: Seven 6-Month Certificate Programs That Lead to Good Jobs

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Who says that you need years and years of schooling to score a good job? Not us! In fact, the ever-changing economy is very much in need of skilled and vocational workers because the shortage is real. A lack of schooling and higher expectations for students has led to a shortage in skilled trade workers, leaving high-paying trade jobs to sit empty while nearly 70 percent of high school grads go straight to college. That means that there are a ton of good paying jobs you can get right now without going to college. Many of them just require you to complete a 6-month or less training program.

By enrolling in a 6-month certificate program, you can learn a specialized trade and land yourself a good job for the rest of your life (or part of it, if that’s your goal). Here are some of the best 6-month certificate programs that pay well. (Read more)


Anyone that tells you you HAVE to go to a 4-year college to get a great job is wrong. There are amazing certificate programs (and more coming every day) ready for more people like you! Are you considering a certificate program? If so, share with the Community!