CPA Accountant: High School Edition

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Hi, I want to share a little about becoming a CPA accountant. I've heard that if you aren't smart enough for STEM, you major in business and the likes. However, I believe accounting, the topic for this post, isn't a worse alternative to, say, software engineering, but actually a worthwhile career! Let's get started.

My Journey

From a young age I knew nursing or science was not for me. What to do if not STEM? Fortunately my parents are very liberal and value my happiness. The problem was that I didn’t know what to do -- everyone around me was either in STEM or had a passion (like arts, something I sucked at). I, on the other hand, had no interest in business, music, journalism, etc. I don’t know about you, but I value my future financial security and stability very highly. This was why I vetoed potential non STEM jobs like teaching (because of low pay, plus I do not love teaching as of right now). Perhaps I was doomed to a soulless desk job after going to college as expected? When I took a assessment on a whim., I decided to major in accountant after deliberating.

‘Wait,’ you might be saying. ‘you just wrote you had no interest in business! Isn’t an accounting business?’. Great catch, you are most definitely right? Accounting students take economics similar to how all computer science students take physics. Then why would anyone like me (the author) want to take accounting?

Welp, woe is me. Guess my freshman self would have thought crazy of me, especially since I hate math. Turns out BC (Calc 2) is mandatory! Before fellow non math people get turned off, read on to find out what a great option accounting is, and why you should consider being a CPA.


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Still there? If so, thanks for reading my amateur writing :))


Takeaways from

  1. CPAs prepare & examine tax returns, conduct audits, and advise clients on financial decisions 
  2. Tax preparation is one of the best-known career paths for CPAs.
  3. Because CPAs manage sensitive financial information, they must abide by a professional code of ethics.


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Here is a general overview about how to become a CPA accountant.

  • CPA accountants need to obtain a state license, which varies by state. Check it out: You usually have to complete a certain number of course work (often 5 years), have accounting experience, etc.
  • To become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you may have to pass an exam from the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA).
  • See for more info.

Why Should You Become a CPA Accountant?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the 2020 nationwide annual median for accountants & auditors is $73,560. That’s not all, CPAs have a greater chance to be hired (and be paid more!) because a CPA has credentials that distinguish them from regular accountants. All in all, you won’t regret the decision to learn about CPA accountants. 


I haven’t gone over the specifics -- as I am still learning about accounting. I think other articles would be a way more reliable source like… 

This is pretty lazy of me, isn’t it? Haha, good luck researching!


Also, here is a best accounting schools article!

Note: the Big 4 are accounting firms prestigious like Apple, Google, etc. are to engineers. 

The Start Here Magazine is a great peek at what accounting might be like.

Lastly, be sure to join a school club like FBLA or maybe start your own. (


Some things I’ve done to prepare, as taken from are

  • Tutoring one of my classmates (strong leadership)
  • Writing my own blog (Communication skills)
  • Connect with other people on social networking sites (Tech Know-how)
  • Staying in touch with current events (business savvy)

What are some CPA skills you have? Please share in the comments. 


Use these free websites to see if accounting matches your interest.


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Disclaimer: the format of this post is loosely inspired by Tallo Wordsmith ’s “Three Things To Know About Becoming A Real Estate Agent”

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