Community Chat: What Is Vocational School?

Tallo Wordsmith
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So, what are you going to major in? If you’re about to graduate from high school, you’re probably getting this question a lot. Although it’s an innocent thing to ask, this question automatically assumes that you’re going to college — because what else is there, right?

Actually, there are many different career paths that can lead to a fulfilling career, some of which don’t involve getting a four-year degree. Today, we’re going to explore one such career path: vocational school.

From dental hygienists and registered nurses to electricians and aircraft technicians, some of the best trade school jobs can be snagged by completing a vocational program. But what is vocational school and is it the right career path for you? Tallo is here to help you find out. (Read more)


Are you considering vocational school instead of a four-year degree? Tell us what program you're pursuing and what school you want to attend to do it!