What College Do You Want To Go To And Why?

GraceW16GraceW16 Member 👋 | Newcomer

I am an international culture lover (If that makes any sense . . .) but I would enjoy going to Yonsei University in Seoul, S. Korea! It is in a large city (The capital of S. Korea in fact) where the culture tends to be more modern but always has a historical side to it! But I digress. Anyway, I would love to major in Liberal Arts and become a dancer/choreographer as well! 😄


  • miayasfuturemiayasfuture Member 👋 | Newcomer

    I have an entire list but my top three (not in order) are Howard, Hampton, and North Carolina Central University. I am really big on my culture and my history and diversity, so going to an HBCU is really important to me. These three schools are not only some of th top HBCU's in the country but also have some of the best psychology programs which is what I plan to major in,

  • MelMel Compton, CA Member 🗺️ | Pathfinder

    My DREAM school is San Jose State University but I'm really into the idea of going to UC Dominguez Hills or Indiana State University. I want to major in journalism minor in communications.

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