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I'm writing a piece about feminism, but I would really like to get other opinions on the topic. I want solely just your opinion! It can be on a specific fem topic, it can be for feminism or not for feminism. Please do not go back and forth with anything, if this causes any arguments I'll simply delete the post. But please keep in mind this is for writing not debate!


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    Hi @gabrielle_s!

    You said that this is not for causing an argument, but I would like to ask what the prompt of the piece is so I can provide the most adequate insight. Also, if you had to categorize your writing, would it be an argumentative, historical, analytical, informational piece?


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    Hey Monse!!!! Yea sure! I think I'm doing two! I'm doing an argumentative and a informational piece! And also there's no prompt, it's free range!

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    @gabrielle_s when is it due I'm busy right now but would love to help tomorrow

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    Oh no worries!! It's more of like- something for scholarships, I want to write this and save it! And I also just love this topic and really wanna write :)

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    When I think of feminism I think about Susan B Anthony. She fought for the woman's right to vote up until her death. She bore no children and never married because she wanted to devote herself to the cause. She died at the age of 86 due to pneumonia and a heart attack. The right to vote was not yet given to women when she passed however it did 14 years later in 1920.

    Feminism today is confusing to me. The beliefs are mixed and have been altered. Susan B. Anthony wished she had been born in another time to see the equality amongst men and women but the way today's feminist go about it, she wouldn't approve.

    The girl on social media calling out antifeminist for is ONLY calling them out. That helps YES it does but it does little to the cause. I hate hearing feminist say they are all about equality but when the guy on their date asks, "Can we split the check, I pay mine you pay yours?" All of a sudden those beliefs are out the door. You see guys testing their dates because these women are not practicing what they preach.

    (This was in class but it was just random and something we had not prepared for. I don't remember what we were talking about but yea)Honestly I had a whole debate about this is class and it went kinda like this, It's going to be in the spoiler.

    Student: Men degrade us and push us down. We deserve more then they allow us!

    Me: You can't blame it all on the men, Women put EACH OTHER down, degrade one another. This just makes men think they can too, it's wrong but we started it.

    Student: Okay but men act like they are better then us, they get paid better, they call us shallow but date us if we are their "type"

    Me: Women do that too! A type is someone who you feel is ideal to who you want to be with. Women are shallow, they have the men pay for everything they can and do little to actually support the cause of feminism!

    Student: OkAy but men don't need to flaunt as if they are better then us! We got the right to vote AFTER Black men did!

    Me: I agree with that statement-

    Student: ExAcTlY sHuT uP cOpY aNd PaStE!

    I let her feel like a victor because she kept cutting me off and so that was fun. My teacher didn't actually hear what I was saying and said we were fighting for the same cause but we aren't. Women are mistaking Independence with dependence. I tell my bf, "Don't feel the need to buy me things, I know you wanna pay but let me do it sometimes. 50/50 right?" Because that's how it should be. In that case we are both independent and have the ability to spend and do what we wish. If he payed for everything, bought me food, clothes, bags, whatever like that feels like what my mom does. I understand sometimes a guy just wants to spoil his girl but she should spoil him just the same. I am independent in my relationships but am dependant of my mom not the other way around.

    This is a topic that not everyone is ready for, this is something I have always talked about. My friends are mainly guys because I don' like associating myself with faux feminist. Although there is more drama, with my male friends I feel more of an equal then with female ones. Take that how you will.

    I could honestly go on for years but I don't want to bore you.

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    I totally agree with you. My boyfriend attempts to buy me literally everything I look at and I have to keep telling him "stop or I'm going to buy you everything too" HAHA. But feminism NOW is NOTHING like feminism back in the day. Feminists were fighting to get the right to work, vote, learn, and have respect just like men. Nowadays feminism is about girls wanting to wear no shirt or a bra just because guys do too. Feminists try so hard to be treated the same way as a man but we're not the same! Our bodies are completely different and for different purposes. I agree, we deserve to learn, work, vote and have respect like a man. But some things are too far.

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    The most definitely do. I understand where they come from I do but truly it isn't the right way to go about things. I'm gonna keep my shirt on and say, yes I want equality, I want equal pay, equal right, i don't want to be treated any differently just because i am a female. I think my favorite moment was at the grocery store, my stepdad takes a case of water for his BigRig so we were getting him one. Most people see me as a kid, I have a baby face and I'm 5'2 and so i get treated pretty much like a preteen. The worker stocking the shelf behind me saw me reaching for the case of water and said "Here let me get that for you" I said that it was okay and that I could do it he insisted but i didn't want my mom getting the wrong idea so i ignored him and picked it up and grabbed it and walked away. He looked astonished that it took little effort for me and the fact that i didnt do that little walk when you carry heavy object might have added to that. I think it was funny for me and hopefully an eye opener for him.

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    oh my gosh really?? I get treated the exact opposite HAHA. I'm 5'3 but I apparently look older (most people think I'm in college) but I do hope he realized at least SOMETHING from that.

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