What are the most effective marketing strategies with social media

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I have always wondered when we finish college and get our marketing degree what would be the most effective way to prompt products through social media. That being said I have recently seen a drastic change with how people use social media now a days. One of the social media platforms which became one of the biggest social media apps during COVID-19 was “TikTok” with having a many people using it all over the world in different countries and I wondered if it’s still effective to use Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to promote products and can still be effective. With TikTok having a younger users being ok it for hours is it is it the best way to prompt products for any business


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    TikTok is great for promoting products, it's where many small businesses got their start! This platform however doesn't show content from other nations.

    Snapchat is cool too but I personally just skip the ads and I'll be honest I dont know what a single one of them was for, I just cant remember.

    Instagram is a choice for sure! My mom sister and I get ads and we look and often times buy from them. The ads are also catered to people who look at similar products already so yours would show up as something someone might be interested in.

    Facebook doesn't have many younger generations on it. This is going to be an app you use if you are marketing towards Gen X or Gen Y. Ever heard of Facebook Moms? Yeah that is going to be who views your ads.

    YouTube! Omgosh who doesn't watch YouTube videos?! This is going to be a platform in which you can use to get ads out for anything and everything. Pay a bit more and I'm going to have to sit through that 60s ad on a facemask that can make me look "young again"

    Truly it depends on the target. If your target age is between 8-19 TikTok and YouTube. 13+ Instagram, YouTube, TikTok. 30+ for Facebook and Instagram. Youtube works for any age! Hope this helps @ahmedismail10 ⊂(◉‿◉)つ

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    This is great!

    Thanks for sharing!

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