Community Chat: College Entrance Exams: Which Should You Take?

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By the time you’re a senior in high school, you’re probably understandably so sick of standardized testing. We don’t blame you — studies show that students take about 112 mandatory standardized tests from pre-kindergarten through high school, and that doesn’t include any college entrance exams, practice tests, or advanced placement (AP) tests. But if you envision yourself applying for and ultimately enrolling in college, we’ve got some bad news for you: there are a few more left for you to conquer! And, arguably, they’re the most important ones yet.

Your college entrance exams are hopefully among the last standardized tests you’ll have to take in your schooling career, but they are worth some extra attention and effort. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), the American College Test (ACT), and others are required by most institutions of higher education for application, and they serve an important purpose. They help admissions offices assess your college readiness and academic skill. Scoring well can land you a spot at a good school and also help you earn merit-based college scholarships.

But since there are a few different tests out there, how do you know which one to take? We’ll cover everything you need to know about the most common college entrance exams and help you determine which one to take for your unique academic goals. (Read more)


I think I speak for all of us when I say: exams stink—whether it's the ACT or for your driver's license. So we wrote a blog reviewing the two most popular entrance exam tests and which one you should focus on. Have you already taken your exam? Are you studying for one? Share with the Community!



  • Nonamer3245
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    I plan on taking the SAT and scoring enough points to avoid the TSI then also the CLEP exam later in college. Honestly, saying we're tired of standardized testing is an understatement. Barely passed all the AP examination and died midway through physics.

  • goat1master
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    I did the SAT even though schools went test-optional. I figured if I submitted a score that would show I really wanted to get into college. It helped. If you are planning on taking the SAT, find out if your target college super scores. Take the SAT twice, but only focus getting a high score on the math or reading part, then focus on the other half the next test. The college will take the highest scores in each section and combine them.

  • gabrielle_s
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    I plan on taking the SAT and the ACT but I don't think the ACT will be worth it

  • L0VEFictional_People
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    I took the ACT and to me, it was worth it. Most of the colleges in my area accept the ACT and to me, the ACT test format is easier than the SAT. Yet, due to the pandemic, most colleges are now letting people apply without needing test scores.

  • Rach_d2022
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    I would recommend the Accuplacer it is easier than the ACT and most colleges accept it. But the only two I have taken are The ACT and Accuplacer and I like the Accuplacer way better. :) @Tallo Wordsmith