Application Fee Waivers

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Applying to college can be super expensive, but luckily there are a lot of ways to save money on application fees.

First, for anyone who is considering applying to HBCUs, there is the black common application!

This website costs $25 to apply to as many of the HBCUs on that website as you want. Also, for a week in October it is free to apply to HBCUs, so make sure to find out when that week is the year you are applying!

There is also this really good Niche article as well!

Here is another list by state!

Also, there are programs you can use to get fee waivers!

Here is a program I am doing to get a Virginia Tech application fee waiver (applications are closed right now!)

Also, Colgate University (yes, like the toothpaste!) has free applications for international students!


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