Is the “Congress of Future Medical Leaders” any good? 😬

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I got a letter in the mail saying I got selected for the “Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence” for my “outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential and determination to serve humanity in the field of medicine.” Apparently this is a pay-to-play award, and I don’t know if it would do me any good for my college application. Any opinions?

BTW: A picture of the invite is below.

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    Hi @Yazzycat!

    I just received the exact same letter the other day. Apparently, it is very beneficial to people who are aspiring to become doctors...

    If anyone else knows anything -Please Tag Me!

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    hii @Yazzycat here is what I got:

    1. A: Students are selected to become Delegates by their teachers, counselors, and principals based on their dedication to entering the medical field, leadership potential, and outstanding grades. Qualified students may also be identified through honor societies, medical institutions, medical societies, program alumni, in-classroom surveys, and as a result of their participation with College Board's Student Search Service®.
    2. Q: Will Attending the Congress Help a Student Gain Admission to a Competitive College and Medical School?

    A: The education, motivation, and recognition at the Congress can inspire students to take the personal actions necessary to become much stronger candidates for competitive college and medical school admissions. Attendance at the Congress can also enrich a student’s academic profile by adding to their showcase of extracurricular experience and achievement needed when applying to colleges and universities.

    Apparently, I too have an email from the Organisation.

    Dear Shambhavi:

    You are invited to be a Delegate representing your school and state at the 2020-2021 Congress of Future Medical Leaders!

    The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is a highly selective national program honoring academically superior high school students dedicated to the service of humanity through medicine.

    You have been selected for recognition because of your outstanding academic record, your leadership potential and your desire to contribute to the profession of medicine as a physician or medical scientist (as a biologist, engineer, software or hardware technologist, or mathematician).

    Please discuss your invitation with your family and go online to confirm your attendance at and be sure to use your Invitation Number: **************

    • The  3.5 GPA (or equivalent), either current or cumulative, to attend.

    To successfully participate in the Congress, you will need:

    • A computer that is virus-free and capable of running the latest
    • versions of internet browsers and software.
    • A high-speed internet connection that can support streaming video and interactive audio. Those without reliable high-speed internet can still participate fully through audio and chat. They can also go to their church, library, or community center with good internet.
    • A computer that is virus-free and capable of running the latest
    • While it is not essential, you can also directly wire your computer to your router or move to a location with the strongest wifi signal for a better experience.
    • A microphone to participate in the Congress breakouts. Most computers come with a built-in microphone, however, if yours does not, you can purchase a USB connected headset with a microphone. Here’s a low-cost option from Amazon.
    • A webcam if you choose to participate in the Congress via video. If your computer does not already have a built-in webcam, you can purchase an external one that can be connected to your computer via USB. Here’s a good, low-cost option that includes a microphone on Amazon.

    At the Congress you will also view surgery and have an opportunity to submit questions for the surgeon to answer in real time during the procedure.

    You will be guided by some of the greatest living minds in medicine — men and women who are literally leading humanity into the medical miracles of the 21st century.

    You will make long-term friendships with those who share your dreams and passion — other young people like you who want to truly make a difference and devote their futures to saving lives.

    You will discuss and observe state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and be inspired by world-changing researchers, futurists and technologists.

    After the close of the Congress, you will be presented with the inscribed Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence.

    We will help you prepare a news release for your local TV stations and newspapers, and we will happily provide copies of your award certificate and letters confirming your selection and attendance for you to share with the colleges and universities of your choice.

    Your attendance at the Congress will enrich your academic profile when you are applying to competitive colleges and universities. It may also be an important part of your showcase of extracurricular experience and achievements as you write application essays and prepare for college interviews

    Again, please discuss your invitation and the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Information Packet with your family.

    To enroll, go to and be sure to use your Invitation Number: .

    I hope to see you in June!


    Ellie Shewring

    Director of Recruitment


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    Interesting... I find it strange because I know multiple people who received similar letters...

    Doesn't seem as selective as it says it is...

    I'm curious if anyone has actually attended and benefitted from it if their desired career path was anything besides Doctor. (That's the only career point of view that I have heard of)


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