A - G Requirements for High School

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This isn't really a question but just a post about the A through G requirements for colleges if you were wondering.

A- History - You need two years of history, one of world history and one year of U.S history

B- English - You need four years of English

C- Math - You need three years but four is recommended.

D- Science - You need 2 years of science classes but 3 is recommended

E- Foreign Language - You need 2 years of a foreign language class

F - Visual and Performing Arts - You need one year of an art class. This can be art, ceramics, band, theater, and etc.

G- College- preparatory elective - One year of a class other than the A through F courses.

I hope this helped anyone and if you want more information you can look at this website:


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    Hi @xoxorileyy!

    I love the new posting topic! I just wanted to say that requirements vary. Different states and different countries will have different requirements. This is a good acronym to remember though, so nice job! - Thank you!

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