What classes to take as a high school student wanting to enter the medical field?

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So my question is what classes would you recommend as for a high school student wanting to enter the medical field. I want to become a Nurse Practitioner and I was just wondering if there is any steps that I can take while in high school. Also if you had any advice or recommendations when entering this career path that would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi @xoxorileyy,


    I also want to become a Nurse! It's cool to find someone with similar career interests.

    I made this post with the help of @Preet_22 and @reamads! I would recommend you read it, to provide some insight on choosing courses.

    About steps & tips, I can't give very many because I'm still experiencing my high school years.

    I will say,

    • Do your best on every assignment
    • Pass Science and Health-related courses with high grades
    • Volunteer and do internships - get experience
    • Do the extra credit - trust me it's worth it

    Let me know if this helped!!!

  • xoxorileyyxoxorileyy Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    Thank you so much @MonseC423 that did help a lot and I appreciate the advice. I will definitely read the post and I wish you the best of luck with your goal to become a Nurse as well (:

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