What are your views on Negative Marking in exams?

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I have often seen conflicting views about this particular topic between students. What are your views?


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    Great question.....

    This is a topic that is discouraging to many students. We all hope and put in the effort for the best outcome we can possibly get! In my opinion, we as students shouldn't feel "discouraged" or "dumb" if we don't get the grade we want. All that really matters is that we tried and put in our best effort. Getting a bad grade isn't always the student's fault. Sometimes that content isn't taught right by the teachers. We as students shouldn't focus on our "grades" because they don't really measure our capability. What measures our capabilities is us and our knowledge!! Grades are just a "temporary scale" that judge us.

    Words of Wisdom: I want you to know that grades do not define you or your intelligence. Some of the most famous people went through failures. Albert Einstein was expelled from school & his teachers described him as mentally slow. It's okay to fail. - Melanie Heller

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    @Preet_22 Wonderful view! I too personally believe that your grades do not truly define you.

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    i like to see what i could have done better, and where i went wrong

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