Does the second semester or your freshman year really matter?

Okay so last semester (I'm in my freshman year) I was getting all A's and B's and one C. Then my anxiety and depression kicked up and I no longer had any motivation to do anything. Now I'm failing Spanish with like a 20% and the rest of my grades are all C's. How bad is this going to really affect my chances of getting into colleges?


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    @Sarah1612 There is still hope for you! I'm actually like really good with Spanish, and stuff like that so I can help you! It might affect your chances, but honestly I learned that the last 2 years old you high school journey are the most important! Don't give up! You can redo assignments and work on it! Trust me, you'll do great! :)

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    Well, that depends on how long you got until your next semester begins and if you bring it up in time before either the report cards or progress reports. If you fail a foreign language class but don't retake it, this could interfere with your ability to meet your chosen school's prerequisites. Even if the school offers you admission, you might be stuck taking remedial classes before you begin your college course work, and this can push back your graduation. Not only that, but pass-fail grades can be a major red flag for students who are applying for an advanced career program like a medical residency. @Sarah1612

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    @ClemsonTigers12RT120 I agree with her! It just really depends as what colleges are looking for. You still have time, if you want to redo things. Don't give up! Its never to late!

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    Hi @Sarah1612,

    I'm sorry that you are experiencing this - I hope you get back to normal soon!

    If I'm going to be honest - these grades are not ideal. Luckily though, you realize the impact and you are early enough in the process to make a change. If I were to give you advice for the next 3 years, it'd be:

    • Do all the extra credit - Bump up that GPA
    • Get involved - This always looks great
    • Try to get the highest grades you can - no pressure

    There are lots of discussions about motivation in the community - Hope they help!

    (To find them, type motivation into the search bar, and Multiple conversations should appear)

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    I believe it is important to pass everything. No matter what Semester. Colleges look at your overall grade, and if they see a decline in your grades, they may decide you are not ready for College-Level Work. They want to see your grades consistently grow. However, some Colleges mostly pay attention to your 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

    And are you in ischool? Because if so, their new grading system makes 0's for all passed due lessons. If so, then you still have time to improve that grade!

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    It is important to try your best no matter what, but colleges do like upward growth. I think you can definitely move past this.

    Try to bring up your grades as much as possible and try to get the best SAT/ACT score that you can.

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