Community Chat: Pre Reqs for College: Everything You Need to Know

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You know that you want to go college. Perhaps you even know what you want to study once you’re there. But if you want to succeed in your college-level courses, now is the time to start thinking about pre reqs. What are pre reqs and why should you care? Tallo is here to explain everything you need to know about college prerequisites.

What Is a Prerequisite?

Prerequisites, or pre reqs for short, are specific courses or subjects that you need to take (and get a passing grade in) before you can take higher-level courses in that same subject. At the undergraduate level, these courses typically come in 100-, 200-, 300-, or 400-levels, with the higher levels indicating more advanced courses.

Pre reqs were designed as part of the building block system, meaning that higher level courses should build upon the knowledge that was established in lower level courses. For example, your college degree might require you to take Calculus I as a freshman before you take Calculus II as a sophomore. (Read more)


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