What is your opinion on reading books assigned in class?

cotton_candycotton_candy Minnesota, USAMember 🔮 | Paragon

Honestly, I am not a big fan of book assignments in class. They usually are old books that are really hard to get through. I get that they are classics and what not, but I'd rather read newer books on my own. And, usually the teachers make you write an analysis paper afterwards about what you have learned, when I'd rather just read the book and not have to analyze the book.

What do you guys think? What is your opinion on book assignments?



  • MonseC423MonseC423 United States📍Member, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon

    Hi @cotton_candy

    It really depends. I generally don't like reading anymore, but I've been trying to start again because it's "Good For You". I feel like when I'm forced to read something, I start not liking it because I don't get a choice. (Night/How to Kill a Mocking Bird/Fahrenheit 451 etc)

  • EbbyEbby Member 💫 | Contributor

    I totally agree. I would rather read something I'm interested in and will pay attention to than a book I don't want to read and would not pay the slightest attention to.

  • D_Thomas19D_Thomas19 Plano, TexasMember, Tallo Ambassador 🗺️ | Pathfinder

    I'm not a fan of it either. Some of the books can be crazy weird. Like this one book, this little girl was looking at two birds flying, and then this old guy came in and made this whole story about how they are spirits from different times looking to cause chaos in the land or something. Or How to Kill a Mocking Bird, I'm still confused about what it was about.

    But Some books can be really interesting to read, I just dislike the whole essay part as you said.

  • Preet_22Preet_22 Haslet, TexasMember, Tallo Ambassador 🔮 | Paragon


    I know that we students don't like assigned reading, but I think that it's beneficial for us.

    It opens us up to a variety of genres that we might not have considered reading :)

  • KaYyYyyKaYyYyy USA TravelerMember 🗺️ | Pathfinder

    I understand @MonseC423because If I am forced to read a book I start to lose interest, but recently my teacher assigned this book called The Watson´s Go To Birmingham, but I am really interested in it.

  • EbbyEbby Member 💫 | Contributor

    That's a really good book I had to read it in 7th grade. Loved it @Kay_1323

  • cotton_candycotton_candy Minnesota, USAMember 🔮 | Paragon

    Definitely true, that's one beneficial thing about assigned reading ig.

  • KaYyYyyKaYyYyy USA TravelerMember 🗺️ | Pathfinder
  • cotton_candycotton_candy Minnesota, USAMember 🔮 | Paragon

    Yeah, sometimes older books can be strange because they always make things symbolize something. However, there have been a few assigned reading books I have liked, like Frankenstein.

  • KiPopKiPop Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    Honestly, most older books are assigned in class. The problem is the writing style for these books is too long. In today’s society, you got to say it short and sweet. Therefore, newer books (fantasy, science-fiction included) should be read.

  • wandering_soulwandering_soul INDIA💫Member 🗺️ | Pathfinder

    @cotton_candy I was given reading assignments when I was an exchange student in Korea and learning Korean was compulsory. But in the Indian education system, you don't get reading assignments.

    You will though have some novels in the curriculum itself.

  • Badgagnon502Badgagnon502 WAMember 💫 | Contributor

    i love to read the books that get assigned

  • MinyoonglesMinyoongles Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    For me it depends on the teacher and the books being assigned; My sophomore honors English teacher last year assigned the worst books you could imagine. the summer before sophomore years he assigned this horrible book called The Owl Called My Name, that we were supposed to read and then write an essay by the end of the summer. I love to read and so it's saying something that I could fall asleep on the first chapter trying to read it. I didn't read it and just looked up a summary on it and then wrote the essay the day before school started. Then he had us read The Count of Monte Cristo and I didn't like that book either; I didn't finish it like I was supposed to, and my friends gave me a rundown of what happened after I gave up trying to read it.=)

  • Lux_The_Lemon_03Lux_The_Lemon_03 Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    It depends on the books. I enjoy some classics, like "To Kill a Mocking Bird" which I read on my own, but others, not so much. I do like when we have the choice to read the books we want. Like one time, we were told we could read whatever book we wanted to, so I read "Little Women" which I love, and is one of my favorite books. I do feel like though, most of the books we are being assigned are old and I understand that's literature, but I feel like they should have a balance. I personally love dystopian, but I never see those being assigned in school. I think schools should try a little harder to include different types of books, because if they keep assigning the same old genre, us kids will probably not pay attention as well. Or, at least, I know I won't.

  • MinyoonglesMinyoongles Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    @Lux_The_Lemon_03 I also found the book "To Kill a Mocking Bird" to be a very good book, when we read it in my freshman honors English class; I enjoyed it very much. But then my teacher had us watch the movie to it; I cannot stand watching anything in black and white, because for some reason the coloring makes it harder for me to focus and comprehend what's happening. My best friend had to help me with the worksheet afterwards, due to my lack of focus and comprehension; my family, friends and I all came to the conclusion that my ADHD must have a bit of an impact on how well I can focus on certain things like that. But nonetheless, the book was very enjoyable.=)

  • EvermoreEvermore Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    I hate reading books that are assigned. The only one that I liked was A Midsummer Night's Dream. I usually prefer essays about them than a unit test, though.

  • Kaurman000Kaurman000 Member 🏞️ | Wanderer


    Some books are tolerable, and some are great. For example, I love the Book Thief, the Outsiders, and The father in the rye, since they talk about adolescence and rebellion. Some books are just downright terrible. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for example was assigned to me in the 5TH GRADE. Nearly everybody was uncomfortable with the slurs and we didn't read aloud because of it.

  • gabrielle_sgabrielle_s Virginia⚡Member 💫 | Contributor

    Hey!! So far I've enjoyed every book I've had to read for school. I always end up reading ahead

  • gabrielle_sgabrielle_s Virginia⚡Member 💫 | Contributor

    I love the Outsiders too!!! It was my favorite book in middle school!

  • gabrielle_sgabrielle_s Virginia⚡Member 💫 | Contributor

    I've seen that book everywhere- is it any good?

  • goat1mastergoat1master TexasMember 👋 | Newcomer

    The books I had to read in AP and Honors were pretty good, like The Great Gatsby, Pride & Prejudice, and Shakespeare. I ask the on-level English classes what they were reading and they read The Adventures of Tom Swayer and Huckleberry fin and books like that.

  • Rach_d2022Rach_d2022 Member 🔮 | Paragon

    I don't like it reading that much. And I really don't like reading assigned books because sometimes they are boring and you have to read them which is not fun

  • MelMel Compton, CA Member 🗺️ | Pathfinder

    Most of the books assigned I have already read so I just brous it over. I think my Speech and Debate teacher had some good book assignments.

  • EvermoreEvermore Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    I think so. It has three plots, that tie together as one. There is a lot of old English, yes, but, Google is your best friend when you find words that you don't know. The three plots are a lord and a queen, I think, trying to get married, the four twisted lovers, and a fairy king and a fairy queen with problems. I liked this story.

  • gabrielle_sgabrielle_s Virginia⚡Member 💫 | Contributor

    That sounds really interesting! Except for the old English part, I wonder if this book has been updated for people who hate old English like me haha

  • EvermoreEvermore Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    @gabrielle_s There is still some old English, yes. But, yes, it is edited up a little! (That also depends on what version that you download or buy. )

  • gabrielle_sgabrielle_s Virginia⚡Member 💫 | Contributor

    @Evermore That's cool! I'll have to look for it, thanks :)

  • EvermoreEvermore Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    @gabrielle_s Your welcome! Glad that I helped you :)

  • Rach_d2022Rach_d2022 Member 🔮 | Paragon

    Loving the picture lol. We had the same thought in mind @Evermore

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