What are some personal ways you manage stress?

futuremedicalstudentfuturemedicalstudent Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

I just want to know because some are repetitive and I feel like I think I can control it but I am not really sure.

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  • Dream_CatcherDream_Catcher Paris, TexasMember 💫 | Contributor
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    You could do yoga or have a stress ball and chew gun.

  • Dream_CatcherDream_Catcher Paris, TexasMember 💫 | Contributor
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    Yoga, stress balls, and gum help me the most, but I guess it depends on who you are and how much stress you have. You could try screaming into your pillow or writing it all down in a diary or journal. Personally I keep a diary, but I only write down the good things that happened to me that way I can focus on the good things in life and if I do write a bad thing that happened to me I just rip it up or crumble it and then throw it away. I hope some or all of these things work for you! 🤞🏻👍🏻

  • ClemsonTigers12RT120ClemsonTigers12RT120 SCMember 💫 | Contributor
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    drawing, music, going outside for a walk, color, write, relax in the bathtub.

  • Badgagnon502Badgagnon502 WAMember 💫 | Contributor
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    i take a break from what i am doing


  • gabrielle_sgabrielle_s Virginia⚡Member 💫 | Contributor

    I read, take a break, nap, or get a healthy snack!

  • Rach_d2022Rach_d2022 Member 🔮 | Paragon

    Take a break, get some food, watch tv, and come back to it later it's not going anywhere lol hope that helps

  • MelMel Compton, CA Member 🗺️ | Pathfinder

    music and yoga, I dont listen to anything calm or soulful i listen to like Machine Gun Kelly or Shoreline Mafia. Something upbeat-kinda angry- just to let loose.

  • EvermoreEvermore Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    My advice is listen to angry music -like what @Mel said- and sing along with them. I usually try my best to stay away from anyone, for sometimes someone else around would stress me more.

  • Leianna_aaLeianna_aa Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    music is always key!!- If you aren't a music person, I always recommend you write down what you're feeling. Express how you feel. Put all your emotions out and read it to someone you trust.

  • em1118em1118 Katy,TXMember 🏞️ | Wanderer

    Music and Singing help me calm down but sometimes a bike ride in breezy hot/cold weather with the wind really is a different mood. :)

  • Rach_d2022Rach_d2022 Member 🔮 | Paragon

    Yep me too. I love riding bikes just to feel the breeze is nice. I also love singing which I can't do perfectly. :) Glad you have found some way to calm down.

  • kapow422kapow422 Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    i watch Netflix and Youtube sometimes lol

  • RedArrow43RedArrow43 Member 👋 | Newcomer

    I listen to music, go outside and take a walk, take deep breathes, watch tv, and eat a good snack!

  • Rach_d2022Rach_d2022 Member 🔮 | Paragon
  • RinAlighieriRinAlighieri Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    I tend to listen to music. If you need a specific short exercise, I've found the "balloon method" helpful: imagine a balloon made out of your feelings (pick the colour depending on what colours you think go with anger, fear, anxiety, happiness, etc.), close your eyes and pretend to blow it up, releasing your feelings into it. You can then empty the balloon, send it off into the sky, or (if it's a positive feeling) imagine turning it loose for someone else to find. This method seems to take effect pretty fast, and I like the fact that it can help with overwhelming negative AND positive feelings.

  • atzjaeatzjae Member 🏞️ | Wanderer

    I quickly figure out that I'm stressed or anxious when I find myself chomping on my cheeks (which is a toxic stress reliever but very common and easy to do absentmindedly). Usually, I'll play music, read my favorite books, or play my comfort game! I also have a couple comfort shows/movies which I indulge in when anxious or stressed.

  • xoxorileyyxoxorileyy Member 👁️‍🗨️ | Seeker

    When I am stressed I usually listen to music, work out, draw, bake, or simply relax. I find listening to music and working out the best ways for me because I am just focusing on the song or my workout. This just distracts my mind and I forget what I am stressed about lol.

  • JadeMoonDragonJadeMoonDragon Bucyrus, Ohio; USAMember 💫 | Contributor

    When it comes to stress I usually take it out on a few matches of OverWatch or I listen to battle/war music (Viking, Celtic, Medieval, ETC!)!

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