What Childhood memory will always stick with you?

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MIne would probably be the time while I was in preschool that this little boy walked up to me and said "Tag" and just ran. He just tapped my shoulder and ran as fast as he could. I was kinda shocked but chased after him. This is how I spent Every recess for the next 3 years. We were best friends up until 2nd grade when I moved. I didn't see him for years. I go back to the same school I met him at for my 6th grade year. While sitting at the front office waiting to receive my schedule I heard a voice. I knew this voice, it was deep and i hadn't heard it before but i knew the voice. I saw the same little boy standing at the front desk handing in the attendance folder only he had grown up just as i had. I didn't speak to him, I actually avoided him because as happy as i was to see him I didn't know what to even say. Finally after school I go up to him and start up a conversation and he was so confused as to who i was, he stopped in his tracks and looked me dead in the eye. At this point i was scared but before i could walk away he hugged me and started freaking out. Once again he was my best friend. Everytime I see him it's like time hasn't passed. That little boy helped me be as social as i am now and will always be my happiest childhood memory.

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    I think mine would be riding my bike the first time... Crashing it a bunch of time... Getting scars... Damn... I still look at fam scars and say "wow... My child hood was rough but it was sooooooooo much fun

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    Mine would probably be when I was in grade school- there was the book fair at the school. I wanted to buy stuff but I knew my parents wouldn't give me money so I went into my kitchen at night where my dad kept his wallet and I took $40. I shared it with my brother and said that my friend gave me the money. A couple weeks later, I go to Dairy Queen with my mom and dad and my mom tells my dad to pay with cash. My dad checks in his wallet and was like- I hAd 40 DoLlArS wHeRe DiD tHeY gO? and my mom basically said "you probably spent them on something else, just use card if you don't have cash." and the day went on. I've never told them about it and I don't know if I will but that memory just sticks with me and I've never forgotten it. (My brother and I spent the money on Minecraft books so it was worth it)

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    Probably when I got my puppy, Checkmate, he is a queensland heeler.

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    Face-planting into a sticker bush

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    The memory that will always stick with me would be the time when I nearly lost my leg/life. I was outside it was July and I was at a summer camp. At the same time, I had an infection in my ear that made me almost deaf. Anyway, a kid brought a firecracker to the camp, he lit it and the firecracker went into my leg, burning some of the inner parts of my leg. I could have died. But listen to this I never lost my leg. I still have two feet and I still am hearing in both ears. I say this because I know I would not have survived it if God was not on my side. Think about that.

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    So I have always lived with my grandparents and during this particular time we had moved out. My grandpa is a mechanic and had a lot of cars and trucks to fit. So me and my cousins would often hide behind them, under them, or inside them. So my cousins had entered inside to get something and I decided to stay outside so I can hide and scare them. Btw I was like 8 or 9 when this happened. Anyway, I decided to go under my grandpa's truck and he had just turned off the truck so the bottom part was hot. It was also summer...in Arizona, so on average it would've been at least 105 degrees outside. I layed down under the truck, and i didn't hear my cousins come out for like 3 minutes and it was way too hot. So i decided that I should get out. But I tried getting up and burnt my thigh under the truck where it was super hot. I got up and realized that I had a huge burn mark on my thigh. I entered my house limping and no one questioned anything. 2 weeks later my mom barely notices and she's like "well what happened" and i explained to her. And nothing happened other than the fact that the mark would leak water or something. FOR A WHOLE MONTH. Now I just have a huge burn mark on my thigh.

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    mine is before being adopted because before I was adopted my parents had a pool and my family dog was a black labrador retriever and we all were in the pool and he decided to jump in with us and I was really little. I couldn't, so I had to hold onto him to keep me from drowning. Plus, he was just swimming in circles.😂 @Mel

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    I've already mentioned signing in 8th grade, so let me see if I can remember something else.

    Oh, a happy memory is when I slid down the pole during recess.

    I also remember wiping down the tables back in elementary school for ice cream sandwiches. The custodian offered this every week for students as a special treat, and I was one of the few students to take her up on the offer. It was only like 20 tables, and then each Friday, I got a free ice cream sandwich. I want to say I got like 20 of them over the years. :P

    Most of the other students went straight to recess, but I thought it was worth the five minutes to wipe them down to get ice cream.

    Truthfully, if I had the opportunity to do it again, I'd probably do it again! :P

    I like freebies! ;)

    There was a world map at my old church, and I found all the locations on the map in the song, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

    This made me happy.

    So that's that! :)

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    A memory of my childhood I may never forget is my stuffed animal who I named Marium. You could say it was my BFF, as I was quite an introvert at the age of 6 and I didn't have a lot of friends and considered Marium my best friend. Sounds awkward? I know but, I really couldn't sleep without it, in fact, I didn't even go to school without it in my backpack. I considered Marium as the one giving me good luck. People had good luck charms, and bracelets and there I was considering Marium as my good luck. It took a lot of effort to separate myself from Marium after all I am a Cancerian they tend to hold on to things for a very long time even if it's no use. I was very clingy at the time. In fact when my little sister I was always mean to her because I was very possessive and I couldn't stand to share the love my mom and dad gave to me but, now I when I think of it I feel bad and it seems silly.

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    When I was like, five, I had hair so long that I could sit on it, one day I got it cut all the way to my chin. I'll always remember I was sitting in my pre-school classroom and my best friends mom came in and went "holy cow, did you cut your hair!!". If I had had the vocabulary I do today I'm sure I would've said something along the lines of "no duh Sherlock".

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    lol @Mel The things that we do as kids is very funny.

    Mine would have to be the time I feel off my bike and feel into the ditch that was horrible I still have marks on my knee from that. lol

    Great post! :)

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    Mine is asking my kindergarten teacher questions about everything in life. She said no other kid had ever asked so many questions! 🤣

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    Mine, unfortunately, would be watching Doctor Who with my mum for most of my childhood starting when I was 5 or 6. I agreed to it voluntarily but I didn't want to watch any of the Weeping Angel episodes after I sat through Blink. Mum didn't realize how terrifying they were to me, so here I am almost ten years later having nightmares about them and tensing up when I walk by angelic garden statues.