What is an unwritten rule about school that everyone knows anyway?

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  • AmmaraH32108
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    Find a great group of students that got your back and you have theirs and stick with them because honestly you will be teachers success keys.

  • BriyannaRose14
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    Stick with the people who are like you, don't stray into the popular girl's den XD

  • Lyrics_Ethan
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    Don't mess with the popular girls clique.....doesn't end well

  • Toasty_Toast
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    DON'T EVER SAY WHATS ON YOUR MIND. =<= it don't end well XD

  • Penny
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    • Step out of the way for your upperclassmen if you're both in the hallway
    • also - WEAR CLOTHES
  • GraceBrusky_Official
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    1. Respect your teachers and peers.

    2. Be on time for classes and activities.

    3. Keep your locker clean and organized.

    4. Don't bring food or drinks into classrooms.

    5. Don't use your phone during class.

    6. Don't cheat on tests or assignments.

    7. Don't bully or harass other students.

  • DezyFashion12
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    • no yelling/screaming
    • if you have a high-pitched voice, chances are you're going to get made fun of
    • good luck finding a guy who's interested in you as a person
  • Autumn_Sunshine
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    • Never talk back to a teacher.
    • Do not be late to class.
    • Respect your teachers and peers.
    • Follow dress code.
    • Do not run in the lunchroom (trust me it never ends well lol)
    • Don’t cheat or plagiarize.
    • Be respectful of school rules and regulations.
    • You are responsible for your late work.
    • Do not bully.
    • Stay out of other people's ways, just to keep yourself out of trouble.
    • These are just a few of the rules that I think most people know to follow without being told.
  • Sarah_Israel
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    No chewing gum!

    Which is odd how that's become a standard.

  • Ōdorī21
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    I can't remember any from my old school at all because I've been homeschooled for three years so, I don't have any.