Getting started in the Tallo Community - Let's go!

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Hi and welcome to the Tallo Community!

This is your first stop on learning more about the Tallo Community! We are super excited that you have joined us and we are happy to have you here. We know that each of you is going to help make our community vibrant, helpful, and pretty much the most awesome place ever.

Now what, how do you get started?

We know you are super excited to get started, but let us help you get started. Follow these steps in order and you will become an expert on the community in no time!

Introduce yourself to the community

Meet the Tallo Community team and introduce yourself to your fellow members

Review our code of conduct

Get familiar with our code of conduct and how to behave in the Tallo Community

Understand how to navigate the Community

Get comfortable with how to find what you are looking for and participate in discussions

Learn how to earn badges and rankings

Welcome, Just Joined! (That’s your current rank if you are new here). Learn more about your rank and how to rank up on this journey. You will also get to see the cool badges you can earn.

Find out how to become a Top Influencer

Check out how helping others in the community gets you points toward rewards

Again, we're honored that you're here, and thank you for participating in the Tallo Community. We're looking forward to seeing how you help others with their academic challenges, and how others may be able to help you with yours.

Tallo Community Team