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Does anyone know any interesting engineering careers that include mainly the study of sciences? Let me know please :)

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    Chemical engineering (I know this involves math and science)

    Really depends what you find interesting, but I know Chemical engineering involves math and science.

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    I want to do Chemical engineering which is mostly chemistry based.

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    Chemical based engineering sounds like fun and might be worthwhile in my opinion if you're interested or good with this sort of thing. Some engineering pathways pay good and are worthwhile and the more scientific side of them are good as well

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    I want to also say consider mechanical and aerospace, as a lot of the time you can work for big science companies like NASA!

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    This site covers most of the ones mentioned above^^^ and more!

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    Biomedical Engineering:

    Application of the principles and problem-solving of engineering to biology and medicine. It focuses on the advances to improve human health and health care at all levels

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    It also depends on whether you like biology or maths . The engineering courses in biology is limited but in maths are a ton.


  • DragonLordTowerDragonLordTower USAMember 🏞️ | Wanderer

    I want to be an electrical engineer so i can be an astronaut but what are the best schools that are affordable for anyone

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